Start or Stop sending Breaking News emails

If you ask us to START, you will receive an email whenever new Breaking News is added.

You will also receive notification when the newsletter is published online and you will receive reminders about parish events.

Reminders are added to Breaking News emails whenever possible.

We send out Breaking News emails as blind copies so no one else sees your email address.

You can tell us to STOP sending you Breaking News emails at any time.

Enter your email address into the appropriate box and then click the Submit button.

Read this if you have a BT email address

BT will reject Breaking News emails because their system says it looks like spam.
They don't put it in your spam folder - it's just rejected by their server.
The only way you can receive Breaking News emails is to set up as a Safe Sender within the BT Mail system.
You can not do this from within an email management program such as the Mail app on your smartphone or tablet.
How you do this depends on your device, your operating system and your browser.
If you have any problem doing this you should contact the BT help line at

That has online help, online chat and a phone number - 0800 800 150

They have successfully helped several people in the past.