Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) gives you the roots and knowledge enabling you to grow branches which blossom throughout your future. Life Basics will provide you with the foundation you need to succeed, come grow with us and get your FACS for Life!
I also teach 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Computer Skills classes.

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Classroom Rules and Expectations

Student will obey all school rules. *  
Students will practice good housekeeping. *  
Students will treat one another with courtesy and respect. *   
Students will come to class prepared. *  
Students will be on time. 
* Students should put forth their best effort.


What is Life Basics?

 Life Basics is a 9 week family and consumer sciences exploratory course that teaches the life skills necessary to become a responsible person. The following units are examined:

Personal and Family Relationships * Nutrition and Foods * Self-Esteem

Social Skills * Crafts * Consumerism

Job Skills and Career Exploration * Character Education * Citizenship

 Focus for Each Grade

8th Grade-Self-Concept,  Food  Terminology, Equipment, Safety and Sanitation, and Foods Labs

7th Grade-Consumerism, Personal and Family Relationships, and Foods and Nutrition

    6th Grade-Craft Based Project/Citizenship/Manners


Other Responsibilities 

Technology Integration Specialist * Lincoln High TOC Director

 *  Harrison County Wellness Coordinator

Technology Contact  *  WebMaster  *  Newsletter Editor  *  Yearbook Editor

 Curriculum Team Member * LiveGrades Administrator * CalendarWiz Administrator

Student Technology Team Advisor  (Techies)  

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