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The Festival relies heavily upon the goodwill and financial support of its Patrons. You could help us by enrolling as a Patron.

The Patron's ticket entitles you to: 
  • a seat in a reserved area in the church especially for Patrons
  • admittance to all sessions at the Festival as well as the Festival Concert
  • a programme
  • a vote at the A.G.M. and eligibility for election to the Executive Committee 
A list of Patrons is published in the Official Programme.

If you would like to become a Patron, please fill in the form below:

An invitation to renew the Patronage subscription is sent out in January each year preferably by e-mail or by post.

We look forward to welcoming you as a Patron of Lincoln Music and Drama Festival and for you to enjoy the benefits associated with being a Patron.

Patrons - Annual Subscriptions 

  • Single £15 (minimum); Double £25 (minimum)
Paul Hill,
4 Jan 2018, 02:40