1. No professional performer shall compete except as conductor. The term "professional" is defined as one who holds a qualifying diploma and one who receives regular fees for teaching or performing the art concerned. Those in training for diplomas are regarded as students and are not debarred from amateur competition.

2. In all matters of administration the Executive Committee's decision is final, and in all competitions the Adjudicator's decision is final.

3. The order in which performers shall be heard is to be determined by ballot.

4. Any protest must be made in writing to the Chairman.

5. The Executive Committee may decline to accept any entry.

6. In "own choice" classes, the suitability of choice will be taken into consideration. Selection and duration of items must be stated on the entry form. Marks will be deducted if a performance exceeds the time allotted in the syllabus. A legible copy, NOT A PHOTOCOPY must be provided for the accompanist if required. The adjudicator must also be given a copy of an "own choice" entry.

7. Performers are reminded that it is illegal to photocopy (or copy by any other means) works that are copyright, without the permission of the copyright holder. Publishers may give permission to photocopy a piece of music, purely for the adjudicator's use in "own choice" classes, but not to be played from. In such circumstances, performers must provide documentary evidence from the publisher of such permission, which must be attached to the copy. If proof is not provided, the Festival and/or adjudicator may refuse photocopied items. Permission need not be sought where an "own choice" item is selected from a publication containing several different works and a copy is needed for the adjudicator. All photocopies will be destroyed at the end of the class. IN NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD A COMPETITOR OR ACCOMPANIST PLAY FROM AN UNAUTHORISED PHOTOCOPY.

8. In any stage performance involving the use of naked lights, smoking materials, firearms etc, written permission from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue must accompany the entry form.

9. In all competitive classes, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place certificates will be awarded subject to a minimum of 81 marks. Adjudicator's mark sheets (free of charge) may be obtained from the stewards at the table near the exit.

10. A trophy will only be awarded when a mark of 84 or above has been achieved. A winner accepting a trophy undertakes to keep it and its container safe and undamaged and to return the trophy and container in good condition to James Usher Jewellers, Stonebow, Lincoln, by 31st January in the following year. Permission is given for winners to have names inscribed on certain trophies at their own expense at James Usher or Eric Bird Jewellers, St Marys Street, Lincoln.

11. Age limits are stated for each class. "Open" refers to amateur performers of any age.

12. The Festival is bound by copyright law, and recording, video and photography during performance is strictly prohibited. In certain circumstances still photographs may be taken between classes if the permission of the adjudicator's steward is obtained first.

13. A piece must not be offered by the same competitor for adjudication more than once during the festival.