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Copyright, recordings and photography


Through the British and International Federation of Festivals, Lincoln Festival is party to an agreement with the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society. This means that entrants do not have to seek copyright permission for any poetry, prose or solo dramatic items performed to a limit of 10 minutes.

Performers and teachers will be delighted to know that their participation in this Festival means that authors will be directly reimbursed as a consequence of their works being performed.

Duologues and group dramatic activity are not covered by this agreement, and copyright for these items should be sought by performers at the time of entry.

Backing Tracks

Lincoln Festival encourages all solo musicians to use live accompaniment, but occasionally performers use commercially produced recordings for backing purposes. Performers are advised that the Performing Rights Society will levy a fee for any recording used in this way and the Festival will be obliged to pass this charge on to the performer. Please state on the entry form whether recording equipment will be used, as the Festival must adhere to safety rules regarding the use of electrical equipment. In this case, contact will be made when the entry is received. 

An official accompanist is always available, free of charge for performance, at the Festival.

Photography & Recording 

The Festival is bound by copyright law, and recording, video and photography during performance is strictly prohibited. There are also child protection issues which reinforce this rule, and it is also extremely distracting for performers and adjudicators if members of the audience are attempting to video or photograph instead of watching and listening to the performances.