La Canada Girl Scout Day Camp

2018 LCF GS Day Camp is now full!
Camp enrollment is limited for the safety of our girls and our volunteers.  
Please visit our site in January of 2019 for details on 2019 LCF GS Day Camp.  

Camp 2018
CAMP DATES ARE:  June 18 - June 22, 2018
2:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Hahamongna Park

A Note to Our Parents:

Camp Fills Quickly
In 2017, camp filled extremely quickly.  Some grade levels were being wait listed 7 hours after registration opened and all grade levels were being wait listed 10 hours after registration opened.  The wait list quickly filled up and the wait list was closed less than 24 hours after registration opened.

Please register for camp early this year.  This includes campers who will be CHIC Is or IIs.  Even those grade levels fill up.  Details about camp registration, including when registration will begin, are posted on the camp website in January.  We expect registration to occur in February again next year.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Online (pre-registration) applications for general campers (incoming grades 1-8) will begin on February 10, 2018 at 7:00 AM.
Spots That Might "Open Up" in Camp
We do not fill spots if campers withdraw.  In an effort to accept as many campers as we possibly can, we over-subscribed camp each year by the percentage of campers who normally have to withdraw.  Think of it like overbooking an airplane.  Working with years of data, we are confident several currently registered girls will be unable to attend camp.  When they withdraw, spots will not open up.  Camp enrollment will simply move from over-subscribed to full. 

What About Counselors?
In 2018, it is most certain that we will be unable to offer all applicants a spot as a Counselor.  We simply have more applicants than we can place as unit Counselors and still have cohesive Counselor teams.  We do not have a "wait list" for Counselors, as all applicants must notify us about conflicts during the application process.   We also expect that in 2018, any high school graduates who apply to be Counselors will be considered for our Counselor mentor role, but this will depend upon how many Counselor applications we receive.

Can I Volunteer to Open More Space in Camp?
We love all of our adult volunteers.  Camp could not happen without their help.  And volunteers who previously donated significant amounts of time to camp are offered priority registration.  However, camp is full because of space and safety issues, not a lack of volunteers.  Volunteering now will not open up a space for your child.

We hope you understand camp's need to balance accepting as many girls as we can while still maintaining a safe camp for all who attend.

 We have processed camper applications received through the following date and time:

Please note the timestamp for your pre-registration and then check back to this page to see where we are.

Changes to the Registration Process:
Some changes were made to the registration process in 2016. Last minute requests for Camper Confirmation form re-sends can no longer be accommodated due to the volume of work before Registration Night.  No-shows to or incomplete form/signatures/payment at Registration Night will lose their spot in camp.  All registration details, old or new, can be found on the Registration Details page.  Information on why camp dates changed and why enrollment is smaller this year can be found on the Camp Frequently Asked Questions page.
We are unable to offer refunds after March 17, 2018 as supplies specific to the current camp year are purchased.

   Eligibility  Applications Open  Applications Close  Link to Register & for more information  Must Come to Registration Night**
  • Entering 9th-12th grade in Fall 2018 or a high school graduate
  • Completed CHIC 2 in camp.  Alternatively, and only with director pre-approval,   Program Aide with GSGLA 
  • Registered Girl Scout within the La Canada Service Unit*

January 7, 2018

February 25, 2018

Counselor Registration

 Camper, including CHIC I and CHIC II
  • Entering 1st-8th grade in Fall 2016
  • CHIC IIs must have completed CHIC I in camp last year or completed GSGLA Program Aide class by February 10, 2018
  • Registered Girl Scout within the La Canada Service Unit*

February 10th
7:00 AM


Please DO NOT submit more than one application.
 Camper (including CHIC I/II) Pre-Registration  

  • Registered Girl Scout Adult and completed GSGLA Background check
  • Some positions require specific GSGLA training.

January 7, 2018

Adult Pre-Registration

 Play Camp
  • Child of a parent working in camp.  Spaces are limited.
  • Minimum age requirement is 4 1/2.  Age limit is 8, unless approved by Camp Director.
Play Camp Pre-Registration

* If your prospective camper is not a registered Girl Scout for the 2017/2018 year, please visit the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles website for more information. Campers do not need to be affiliated with a troop, but they must be a registered Girl Scout within the La Canada Service Unit in order to attend the LCF Girl Scout Day Camp. Proof of registration will be required.  Proof will be a copy of the official GSGLA membership card for 2017-2018.

** Registration Night will take place on March 6th  location Palm Crest Elementary 5025 Palm Drive, La Canada.  Registration forms and payment must be turned in at that time.  NO SHOWS will not be contacted and will forfeit their camper spot(s).   For more information about the Registration process, see Registration Overview.

Additional information for LCF GS Day Camp may be posted at the Service Unit website: LCF Service Unit Leaders are also sent updates about camp, so please check in with your Troop Leader. Please note that the LCF Girl Scout Day Camp website does not contain any information about GSGLA summer camp programs, only the La Canada Service Unit Summer Day Camp Program.

We have been notified that the Google forms do not work in all browsers this year, particularly Chrome.
If you have trouble viewing or submitting any forms, please switch to a different browser (e.g. Safari or Explorer).