3. LCD TFT as PC VGA monitor

At first try I bought universal LVDS controller based on MT6820 chip.
Controller offers to made PC monitor from any LVDS screen, so very promising as repair solution or as universal screens tester.
This kind of controller was chosen because 
- extremely cheap
- small dimension
- single supply 5V
- easy screen programing by jumpers
Board works with 5 keys interface and have really nice OSD menu. 
Very nice is screen programming by jumpers, screen type changing is very fast, we avoid all dedicated VGA connector I2C programmers with all problems they have, etc. 

Board have standard LVDS socket described here 2. LVDS cables .

This board is available in many internet places but good price is in this store 
In fact, board from link above is sold out, however link remained for reference, this boards is easy to find on many internet stores.

As first sample lets try UB133X01-2 screen , so first of all we need LVDS cable b. 20 pin small cable
Now is time to connect all parts together. 
As supply power can be used any old laptop's power module or whatever supply power around 2A, I tested supply power modules from 10V to 20V, all works well. 
As DC/DC I used also very cheap converter from China 
It made 5V (regulated) from any input 7V-20V , is possible to get one HERE

and universal CCFL driver board, working well with 10V to 20V Vcc  

Small universal inverter working in wide range of supply voltages 5V-28V is available in this store

To be honestly, all was done very fast, was very simple and similar to play with Lego blocks. 
https://sites.google.com/site/lcd4hobby/lcd-tft-as-pc-monitor/Obraz%20006.jpg https://sites.google.com/site/lcd4hobby/lcd-tft-as-pc-monitor/S6304351.JPG

Finally monitor works very nice
https://sites.google.com/site/lcd4hobby/lcd-tft-as-pc-monitor/S6304349_h.JPG    https://sites.google.com/site/lcd4hobby/lcd-tft-as-pc-monitor/S6304348_h.JPG

Another sample of 1440x900 screen ratio 19:10 (8:5) .
This screen needs 30pin cable as 6bit 2channel. 
Unfortunate I had no such cable but I got few 30pin 8bit 2 channel.
So again using needle I was able to unscramble LVDS pairs

also removed 2 pairs as not needed

Finally was only to connect all to made screen working - success

The board was also tested with many other displays using  c. 20 pin cable and d. 30 pin cable
I tested screens resolutions 1024x768 to 1600x1200 , all with success. 
I will add pictures later.

In my workshop, for few years lie a part of 19'' monitor, it was only screen mounted in metal chassis and burned supply power board plus LVDS cable, there was not plastic housing nor electronic.
I never had opportunity to test this screen, so now I was able to do that.
I had ready to use LVDS cable so connection was easy to testing board, however this screen have 4 CCFL lamps, I connected only one lamp, just to check if screen works at all. Guess what - it was working.
Very good, my next step was to repair supply power unit, as it contains driver for 4 CCFL lamps and provide supply 12V and 5V. 
There was burned chip in power switching circuit, so easy fix by chip replace.
Than I decided to use original LVDS cable, so I had to unscramble all connections in socket and put them in proper pins in Universal board's connection. A lot of work because this screen use 2 channel 8 bit, so 10 pairs of wires. 
Fortunate no soldering. Removing each wire by unlocking it by needle, than insert them back at proper pin/place 
https://sites.google.com/site/lcd4hobby/lcd-tft-as-pc-monitor/Obraz%20019.jpg https://sites.google.com/site/lcd4hobby/lcd-tft-as-pc-monitor/Obraz%20016.jpg https://sites.google.com/site/lcd4hobby/lcd-tft-as-pc-monitor/Obraz%20020.jpg

now cable is ready to use with new universal controller.

So let test it, there is no need for universal CCFL driver as supply unit have it, only must be connected BL(on/off) signal and ADJ(dimming). Also no need for 5V DC/DC converter, as supply unit provide 12V for CCFL and 5V for electronics.

Set for first testing, supply cables need to be a bit longer.

And final set. Board have not mounting supports but is so small, that holds good, screwed only at VGA connector. 

That was a nice surprise, this "Fankenstain 19'' PC monitor" works really nice
https://sites.google.com/site/lcd4hobby/lcd-tft-as-pc-monitor/S6304356.JPG  https://sites.google.com/site/lcd4hobby/lcd-tft-as-pc-monitor/S6304361.JPG