7. LCD as DVB-T TV, HDMI, VGA, AV universal display

Manufacturers are not stopping with efforts to made better controllers.
So lastly (04.2017) are available for sale universal controllers supporting DVB-T signal TV , so now is possible to receive digital TV without problems and in all standards used in all countries like MPEG2 or MPEG4 etc.
  model: Z.VST.3463.A1 with 3463 chip
or newer
  model: DS.D3663LUA.A or similar with 3663 chip

Controllers are available at THIS SHOP with quite attractive prices and as usually, ability to send as registered pack with tracking number. 

Some technical data:
         Support Digital signal
Controller chip: MDS3463GU-Z1  (newer use 3663)
TV tuner chip: Rafael R842
flash memory: 25Q64CSIG
Input DC-DC converter: ZTP7193
Chip Audio: CS37AD2AB
Audio output power: 2x8W
Consumption: operating mode -> = 6W
                       stand by - <0.3W

Video inputs:      TV:  DVB-T / T2, DVB-C,  ANALOG TV (ATV)

Additional inputs outputs: audio mini jack 3.5mm USB

This controller was tested and works well with aerial TV, receiving well digital broadcasting (MPEG4) and analog using a piece of wire as antenna. That prove of good sensitivity of TV tuner. With dedicated antena, picture quality is excellent.

Firmware supports much more languages, so almost every Europe country is supported.

For those who want to play more with controller, please notice that in order to enter into "service menu" mode - first press on remote control "input" button and then press the code 2 5 8 0 .
As you see is different that in controllers described before. 

All LVDS cables are the same and are interchangeable with other controllers, so information 2. LVDS cables are valid.
And the same way of connection of back-light CCFL inverters or LED back-light, so information in 8. Backlight are valid.
For 3463 model the same with 7 keyboard with IR and status LED, are compatible. 
Newer boards 3663 are not compatible with 7 key keyboards, so needs to exchange wires in socket to be compatible or buy ready made 7key-board for 3663.

NOTICE that between 3463 and 3663 are small difference in name but they use different firmware dedicated for each chip.
Firmware for 3464 are available to download HERE , another pack HERE , and one more HERE       
Firmware for 3663 are in many places of Internet. 
Some of sellers offers firmwares pack for the boards, those I recommend to buy from.

Programming is very simple, we must choose proper .bin file and copy it to USB pen-drive at root directory, plug pen-drive into USB, then plug power cord, status LED will made some flashes, first slower and at end faster, and software upgrade is done, you will see picture on LCD screen.
Flashing is easy and work reliable, more time consuming to choose proper .bin file. 
There was reports about some pen-drives not working with board, as solution simply change pen-drive to other brand.  

Attention:  Sometimes, when playing with firmware, if there be power cut/brake during programming and flash will not finish programming, than the board become dead.