Lagunita Parent Teacher Club

LPTC Officers:

Sandra Ealy, President

Paz Parra, Vice President

Ellie Stowe, Treasurer

Stephanie Rahiri, Secretary

Valerie Becerra, Officer-at-Large

All officers unanimously reelected to 2-year terms on 5/19/23

Next LPTC Meeting:

Friday 9/29 at 3PM

2023/2024 School Year

LPTC agenda 8.25.23.pdf
8.25.23 LPTC mtg minutes.pdf
LPTC Agenda 09_29_2023.pdf

2022/2023 School Year

LPTC Agenda 04_21_2023.pdf
LPTC minutes 4.21.23.pdf
Family Carnival Day Flyer.pdf
LPTC agenda 5.19.23.pdf
minutes LPTC May 2023.pdf
LPTC minutes 2.24.23.pdf
Scanned from a Xerox Multifunction Printer.pdf
LPTC agenda 12.9.22.pdf
LPTC minutes 12.9.22.pdf
LPTC agenda 1.27.23.pdf
Sees 2023.pdf
LPTC agenda 10.21.22.pdf
LPTC Meeting Minutes 10_21_22.pdf
LPTC Agenda 11_09_2022.pdf
LPTC Meeting Minutes 11_09_22.pdf
LPTC Agenda 08_18_2022 (1).pdf
LPTC Meeting Minutes 08_19_2022 @ 3PM Lagunita School.pdf
LPTC agenda 9.16.22.pdf
LPTC Meeting Minutes 9_16_22.pdf
LPTC tot donations.pdf
LPTC pumkpins.pdf
candyland TOT.pdf
LPTC raffle for website.pdf

Movie Night Volunteer Sign-up Below: 

2021/2022 School Year

LPTC agenda 4.20.22.docx
4.20.22 LPTC minutes.pdf
5.13.22 LPTC agenda.pdf
LPTC Meeting Minutes 05_13_2022 @ 3PM.pdf
LPTC Spring Fundraiser.pdf
Food Drive Flyer.pdf
LPTC Meeting Agenda 1_19_2021.pdf
LPTC Meeting Minutes 01-19-2022 @ 7PM.pdf
LPTC Agenda 02_09_2022.pdf
LPTC Meeting Agenda 12_01_2021.pdf
LPTC Meeting Agenda 9_01_2021 @ 7pm.pdf
LPTC Meeting Agenda 10/06/2021 @ 7pm
LPTC Meeting Minutes 11_03_2021 @ 7pm.pdf

20/21 School Year

LPTC Meeting Agenda 5_27_2021 @ 7pm.pdf
LPTC minutes 5.27.21.pdf
LPTC agenda 2.10.21.pdf
LPTC Minutes 2.10.21.pdf
LPTC Meeting Minutes 5.6.21.pdf
LPTC Agenda 3.17.21.pdf
LPTC Bylaws.pdf

We have two new LPTC officers:

Stephanie Susidko, President

Amy Bordi, Vice President

Ellie Stowe, Treasurer 

Tiffany Batistich, Secretary

Sandra Ealy, Event Coordinator

November 18th Meeting.pdf
And the winners are2.pdf
LPTC mtg agenda 11.18.2020.pdf
LPTC January Meeting 1.14.2020.pdf
LPTC Meeting Minutes 1.14.2020.pdf
LPTC meeting-flyer 9.18.20.pdf
Halloween updated pdf.pdf
LPTC November Meeting 11.12.2019.pdf
LPTC Meeting Minutes 11.12.2019.pdf
LPTC December Meeting 12.10.2019.pdf
LPTC Meeting Minutes 12.10.2019.pdf
LPTC September 2019 - 1.pdf
0_LPTC Meeting Minutes 9.10.2019.pdf
LPTC Meeting Minutes 10.15.2019.pdf
LPTC ToT 2019.pdf
Thank you to our Donors.pdf


April 16th 

from 5-9 PM: 



 for the LPTC!

LPTC Minutes March 2019.pdf
LPTC Agenda March2019.pdf
LPTC Minutes May 2019.pdf
LPTC Minutes January2019.pdf
LPTC Agenda January2019.pdf
LPTC Minutes November 2018.pdf
LPTC Agenda November 2018.pdf

Thanksgiving Feast is coming quickly. Sign Up for dishes to prepare and share here:

LPTC Minutes September 2018.pdf
LPTC Minutes October2018.pdf
LPTC Agenda October 2018.pdf

We require a minimum of 12 non-officer volunteers per event to hold parent activities.  If we are short volunteers we will have to cancel the event.  Please volunteer today!! 

Contact Tori Casarez (831-261-2112 / for more information