Board Information

Lagunita's adopted Board Policies, Administrative Regulations, and Board Bylaws are searchable and available here.

Lagunita’s School Board is comprised of three members who represent the district. Each member is elected by the voters and serves a four-year term. Annually, the Board elects a Board President and a Board Clerk. The Board meets monthly, on the third Tuesday of the month at 6 PM, unless a meeting is scheduled in advance or rescheduled in open session (schedule below). Board meetings include open session discussion and decision making, reports to the board and community, public comment, public hearings, and closed session meetings as needed.

The primary responsibilities of the Lagunita School Board include working with the Superintendent/Principal to establish the direction and priorities for the school district through Governance, Financial Stewardship, and Educational Leadership:


Collaborate with the Superintendent/Principal so that the shared vision, goals and policies of the district can be implemented. Adopt, evaluate and update policies consistent with law and the board's vision and goals. Conduct hearings on appeals to the Board. Conduct public hearings when appropriate.

Financial Stewardship

Adopt the annual budget and review interim fiscal reports. Authorize expenditures and changes to the budget during the fiscal year. Evaluate the performance of the Superintendent/Principal. Review and accept the professional annual accounting audit of the county school's expenditures and financial record keeping.

Educational Leadership

Approve the curriculum and maintain accountability for student learning. Approval purchases of equipment needed to deliver instruction. Adopt policies to ensure that a safe and appropriate educational environment is provided for all students.

Additional Resources

The California School Boards Association provides professional guidance, training and resources to school board members to build strong governance teams. For more information, visit the California School Boards Association webpage here.