Welcome To Lagunita School

Superintendent's Message

Lagunita School District is a unique community.  Lagunita is a California public single school district supporting students in Kindergarten through Eighth grades.  The beautiful rural setting, traditional practices, and strong parent support make Lagunita the perfect environment for student success.  Students learn from a well trained staff and benefit from members of the community who have lived here for decades and who have also had family members attend Lagunita School over the course of its 115 year history.

The Lagunita Elementary School District inspires young minds for a successful future by promoting positive, respectful educational experiences through leadership, integrity, service, and community involvement in a safe learning environment.  We recognize that in order to realize our mission of educational excellence a strong partnership between home and school must exist.  We celebrate the contributions that each member of our school community, and the community at large, makes to the everyday operations of Lagunita School.  We are very fortunate to live in a community that places a high priority on supporting young people and a first rate educational program.

I invite you to explore the information contained in this website and to learn more about the Lagunita Elementary School District.  Please feel free to contact the school staff whenever we can be of assistance.