If I can, you can. I'm 58 yrs old and I've been doing this for about 2 years now. Coach-Krystie has taught me to go the next step "within " my physical bo
undaries. Feels better each time and coming back for more!"
Sharon - Stockbridge

I am 57 and I have MS. It is a confusing and difficult disease. Coach-Krystie Trainer has helped me to keep trying and has modified the exercises for me. I work out with a buddy and she does her work out and I do a modified workout. I do this for health reasons and my last bone density test was remarkable. Thank you Coach-Krystie!
Marsha -Mabelton


If I can do it, you can do it! I was never taught how important exercise was growing up, and most things are new to me. I'm easily intimidated in a gym scenario, etc., but Coach-Krystie  really makes you feel at home and really works with you regardless of your fitness level. The other ladies are also wonderful. They make you feel like you're a team. There's no judgement at all!
Dakota -McDonough


When I first met Coach-Krystie  she was warm and very inviting she understood the situation that I was in how unhappy I was and she helped me she has continued to be my support system she makes me feel as if I can do anything if you have fears that's okay if you are scared that's okay and if you are nervous while that's ok too because when you come to the class all of that doesn't exist you're excited you're actually smiling and having fun it is hard work but you will be addicted to the success I love coach Krystie she understands the struggle and she is always there encouraging you and pushing you to the finish line and yes if I can do it you can do it too the group of ladies that are in the class with me are all supportive they're all helpful and we strive as a team we are a lion pack we stick together we help each other and there is no judgment at all
Ariel -Conyers


I love that Coach Krystie is a real person who has gone through her own weight loss journey. It gives me encouragement that if she can do it then so can I. I like that she exercises with me, it's a lot easier when I've got someone beside me cheering me on instead of just telling me what to do.  
Sarah -Conyers

When I first started with Coach I was 250 pounds, my cholesterol was high and my Dr was concerned about my overall health, Since training with Krystie I have lost 40 pounds gone from a 2x to a Large in shirts, from a 44 to a 38 in pants and all of my levels have gone back into the healthy ranges and I feel better than I have in years! Josh -Covington



I started my weigh loss journey last year. Before I started with Krystie, I lost 24 pounds. But I had hit a plateau. I had come across one of Krystie's ad on Facebook and decided to give her a shot. I've started working out with her in the beginning of May and I've lost an extra 35 pounds and 50 inches since being with her.  Coach Krystie pushes me and encourages me even on the days I don't want to do anything. I do feel a million times better and I can tell a difference on the days that I skip a workout. I am able to go outside and play with my kids without being worn out. I am thankful I gave her a shot! Nicole -Covington

I would like to take a moment to let Coach Krystie know what she has done for me and what she can also do for you. 
I thought I was somewhat healthy (although I have type two diabetes). I was walking 3 to 4. Times per week with an average of 2 miles per trip. Boy was I wrong about my fitness level!
I started working with Coach Krystie in mid-March and within 12 weeks I was down 23 inches total body and several pounds. I did not drink the water like I should then and now I can down 120 ounces Per day without flinching.
My goal was and still is to be healthier internally and externally. Wow I have a long way to go, I am physically stronger in every way and I feel amazing as well as look amazing compared to when I started this journey.
I do not get to work out every day but when I am not working out I literally miss it! And right now my journey has no end. I can only continue on my path to be a better me…. Thanks to Coach KrystieSharon Stockbridge

I have been training with Coach Krystie since January and she really has helped me in so many areas. I'm moving more quickly than I was, I no longer need to take a break when I'm out shopping to sit down, walking from my car to the door is no longer a challenge. She is a blessing and she pushes me to keep going!  I highly recommend Krystie, because she understands what it's like and helps get you though it. -Lee - Lithonia

"Coach Krystie is an amazing motivator and excellent coach. She is a REAL person and understands all of the ups and downs of your weight loss journey and will help you reach your goals. I love that she checks in daily with me on my goals through out the day even when we are not working out together to make sure I stay on target and help me be accountable. I highly recommend Coach if you are serious about beginning a journey to good health and fitnessShayla -Camp Creek Ga

 "I have a serious knee injury so I had low expectations for my training, but even with that obstacle, Coach Krystie helped me lose 11 inches in 1 month!! Every workout is tailored for your individual level & personal needs, whether your goal is weight loss, fitness, reducing fatigue, health improvement, healing from an injury or overall well being, Coach Krystie is great!! -- Michelle -East Point Ga

I have worked with Coach Krystie for over a year and continue to be successful on a monthly basis, getting closer and closer to my goals. She is Great and I am so blessed to have her in my life helping me. -- Brenda Stockbridge

I have been with Coach Krystie for one month, in that time I have lost 15 pounds and have found energy that I have not had in years. I'm taking my health & my life back all thanks to my wonderful teacher!! -- Dee Conyers


Working with Coach Krystie has been great because she modifies to my level, and always encourages me even when I am feeling down -Tracy College Park


Coach-Krystie - She works with me within my physical and medical limitations and pushes me a little outside of the box that I usually live in. I am looking forward to being more healthy and fit when this is said and done. It's definitely the little kick in the butt I needed to take the next step to better health.  Sharon-Stockbridge



Coach Krystie has been my rock when I have wanted to give up, I reach out to her and she always has the right words to say! She pushes me and encourages me, I also love how she is just a "Real" person. I have lost 15 pounds so far and looking forward to much more with Krystie by my side - 
David Georgetown SC

 My dear friend Coach-Krystie, has been my coach/ trainer for a lil over 10 months now, she has supported me through some really hard times (family members deaths, heart attacks and even dealing with some depression) and steered me back on track time and time again. Without her I would of probably given up on weight loss just like in the past, she is kind and patient and understand She has helped me so much, I have went from being barely able to exercise playing wii fit, to slowly working my way up to running and even taking classes at a local gym and one on one kick boxing lessons, she has shown me that with time and hard work you can achieve any goal. I have lost tons of inches and around 50-60 lbs with her coaching, and achieved many many goals including doing a couple 5ks, and climbing a lighthouse that i thought i never would be able to. 
Tasha H -Satsuma FL
I’ve lost 40 pounds and 29” since August  with Coach Krystie and I am now at my goal weight!  The accountability is amazing and has played a huge role in my success. However, Coach Krystie is about so much more than just the number on the scale going down.  She genuinely cares about all of her clients and is available to help share in both the successful and also not so successful moments.  Coach Krystie has a talent and gift for helping you take those not so successful moments and learning from them. On those rough days, it can make all the difference just knowing someone actually cares. She is also extremely helpful with genuinely learning to love yourself.  Coach Krystie is a priceless investment in one’s self and worth far beyond the cost of her online coaching! -Kat Omaha NE
Coach Krystie is a motivating and encouraging coach in every way. I have lost 50. pounds and 47.5 inches with Coach Krystie as my coach, 
most which have been with no exercise due to medical restrictions.
 I make better choices all around with having Coach Krystie to be accountable to. 
Coach Krystie is always there for her clients and gives them advice on anything she can on fitness and nutrition.
 I love having Coach Krystie as my coach, without her, I wouldn't have been able to meet my goals and continue meeting more goals.
 Coach Krystie has been there for me through all my struggles through out the last 5 months and has always encouraged me that I can do and I proved to her that I can over and over again. 
 - Amanda H Ohio
Coach Krystie is a rare find. Consider yourself lucky if she becomes your coach in the weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey. I stumbled upon Krystie in an online weight loss website. She was running meetings.
 I immediately found her to be knowledgeable, engaging, and easy going. I decided to hire Krystie to help me with my journey.
I have a strong knowledge of nutrition, but really need someone to help me be accountable and to keep me on track during "stormy" times.
What fascinates me about this lovely young lady is that she really knows how to do it RIGHT. No gimmicks, no crazy diet plans, not even heavy duty outside support. 
She knows what it takes because she lives it and has done it herself. She is an inspiration to me and to all of the others lucky enough to benefit from her support.
 I would highly recommended all her services to anyone looking for help and support. She handles all levels....whether you are 20 or 200 pounds overweight, she can help! 
- Gwen  New York 

I first met Coach Krystie or coach K as  I call her on Spark Live. She one of most caring knowledgeable people you can meet. 
When Spark live went out of business she started her own live meetings and what make it so great  is Coach Krystie's caring personality and her knowledge.  
She took Spark live one step further and made it much more of a learning space and  a caring environment where you can be you and get really needed advice and just spill whatever not so wonderful things that are going on in your life. 
Coach K tells it like it is, she will call you on stuff that you need to be called on. She also a great coach because she makes sure you get your water in & do your exercise and are feeling good about yourself. 
You really FEEL she cares about you and you learn partly to do these things because YOU DON’T WANT TO DISAPPOINT HER. But then she teach YOU TO DO THESE THING BECAUSE THEY IMPORTANT TO YOU!!
SHE TEACH OR TRAINS YOU TO LOVE yourself. . She must more than a personal trainer she a life coach and a really special friend to me.   --KarenMarie Ohio

I love the support that I get from Coach Krystie, She is always there for me and cheers me on. She is a tell it like it is person which is what I need for accountability. Brenda H Charleston SC
Coach Krystie is an amazing coach!  She has not only helped me lose weight, she has helped me accomplish more than I ever imagined through her online coaching program!  Coach Krystie is a weight loss coach and so much more, there's no words that could explain what she does!  She is everything!  She has helped me lose almost 50 pounds, become a more confident and positive person, and has encouraged me in every way possible.  I went from thinking I was a failure and I couldn't do anything right to loving the person I am.  I learned to love the person I am, and not hate the person Im not.  I finally feel proud of myself and what I can do.   I now see that when I concentrate on the things I can do and things I have accomplished that I am a much happier person and I can be proud of myself.    I no longer constantly dwell on the things Im not, the things I cant do, or will never be.  I can now do this because of the guidance and encouragement of Coach Krystie.   I am a stronger person who is determined to reach my personal, weight loss, and fitness goals no matter how long it takes and I would have never been able to make it this far if it wasn't for Coach Krystie!    Coach Krystie is so much more to me than my weight loss coach, she is my hero and in so many ways she has saved my life.  She will never realize just how thankful I am for every little thing she does and how much she has truly changed my life.  I will forever be thankful to Coach Krystie for so many reasons.