I now offer in your home or my studio rehab training services (similar to PT) for senior / elderly clients (or others) who may
have suffered a stroke, broken bone or other medical condition that is now limiting their mobility, strength or balance. 

This 45 minute training includes balance training, strength training, core strengthening, posture & stabilization.
I will provide all equipment necessary to safely & effectively train each client 

Can be done in a group or as individual 
training. Any age welcome! 

In home for 1 Person -$50 per session
In home for 2 People -$35 per person per session

At my studio for 1 Person- $39 per session
At my studio for 2 People- $29 per person per session





          *disclaimer* I am NOT a Physical Therapist, I am a Certified Personal Trainer offering similar services to PT with the convenience of training being more private & in a more comfortable environment