The Weigh We Were Tv Show

April 3rd 2016 I was invited back to film again for "The Weigh We Were" Tv Show! I had a great time, professional hair and makeup and then an on screen interview!

My first experience was In August 2011, I was honored to be invited to Atlanta to do an onscreen interview for

GPB about my weight loss journey. It was so much fun!

First they did hair and make up and the off the green screen I went where they filmed me go here to read my detailed blog about the day First Filming

About a month later they called and told me that they'd like to feature more of me on the show, and they'd like to come and follow me around for the day and film me working out, playing with the kids, going to work etc. So in October 2011 they came out and we spent 14 hours together. The film crew arrived by 6:00 am and filming began!! (click here if you'd like to read my blog about it GPB Filming Adventure

Here's a fun photo of when they were here of myself and my daughters all trying on my "fat" pants, that GPB shared on their Facebook page

- Click here to view My Profile on The Weigh We Were

Some Footage