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The Social Networks page contains a mix of blog/article links and a couple of student essays (Expand Your Business and Essay 1, Essay 2).  The article links address such topics as real friends on Facebook, different ways that social networks add value to businesses and assorted links I found interesting.
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Many friends (members) but few friends?  See the article Facebook Has Half a Billion Members but Few Real Friends Do the members/users of a social networking website need to like the website/company or is it just a matter of convenience?  Some real business implications here on customer loyalty.

Social Networks in Plain English


Why You'll Never Have to Pay for Facebook

How Social Knowledge Networks can Help Global Organizations Capture and Retain Knowledge

From the Google App Marketplace:

YoolinkPro - Add a social layer to Google Apps! YoolinkPro is a design-awarded social network, it allows thousands of companies to foster discussion among their teams, share Google docs and work more efficiently.

Here are some examples of a social networking site, Mahalo, that contains knowledge about social networking websites that may be useful for business.  The information is from 2009 so a bit dated.

How To Use Hi5 for Business

How To Use LinkedIn for Business

How To Use Xanga for Business
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