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Download Textbooks

The larger screens of today's touchscreen devices like the iPad opens up the market for textbooks you can download and read like ebooks. This page helps you find websites for textbooks that can be downloaded.


Size of US Textbook Market: $7 Billion (link)

Cost of College Textbooks:
$1200 annually
  • Vested Interest?: Higher education institutions receive % of revenue through owning their bookstores or contracting out its operation eTextbooks: 7% of sales revenues link

    Steve Jobs at the product announcement of the iPad said "We think iPad will be a terrific e-book reader for popular books and textbooks..."  These textbooks would be downloaded from the Apple iBookstore which is the ebook equivalent of the iTunes store.

    The iPad may be the means in which Apple gets back to its roots in education.http://education.zdnet.com/?p=3583 Market research from Compass Intelligence forecasts that technology spending in the educational market (US only) could reach $61.9 billion in 2013 which is a 30% increase from 2008 spending. Electronic textbooks may reach 10-15% of sales by 2012. (link)

    While there is great promise for reading textbooks on the larger screens of new generation of ebook readers, Amazon has had difficulty getting universities to embrace the Kindle for textbook readers. (link)  Students are skeptical of textbooks solely on an ebook reader. (link link)  In addition to usability issues, some digital textbooks are licensed only for the semester. (link)  However, a few universities are still going ahead with iPad pilots for their students in Fall 2010.

  • Despite student concerns, many educational systems, such as in California, Georgia, and Texas are pushing for digital textbooks.(link link link link
  • The early May announcement of Google Book Search increases the range of textbooks (especially out of print) available to educators.

  • Networked Books are the future.

  • Find and Use Downloadable Textbooks

    Reading textbooks on an ebook reader requires different features than just reading a novel. Students need to annotate, bookmark, and highlight specific text. They may also wish to access the web (via embedded link on page) to find related information. It is unknown if the iBooks application on the Apple iPad will offer these features.http://download.cnet.com/iBooks/3000-20412_4-11212325.html The Kindle currently does not.
    Textbook publishers such as McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Thomson, and Wiley offer ebook versions for many of their textbooks. MacMillian has just released the DynamicBooks format allowing professors to choose and assemble selected pages.http://www.downloadsquad.com/2010/02/24/macmillans-dynamicbooks-offers-editable-digital-textbooks/
    National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) offers free textbooks.http://www.ncert.nic.in/textbooks/testing/Index.htm
    Direct Textbook offers a free iPhone application called Book$Price to search for the best deals on digital textbookshttp://www.prweb.com/releases/college-textbooks/app/prweb3983044.htm

    Other Offers

    Still buying hardcopy textbooks? Amazon now has over one million titles eligible for their Textbook Buyback Programhttp://www.marketwatch.com/story/over-1-million-books-now-eligible-for-the-amazoncom-textbook-buyback-program-2010-05-10?reflink=MW_news_stmp - trade in your textbook and get Amazon Credit.

    In addition to currently published textbooks, most but not all academic book digital archives are free with many older textbooks available. Google Book Search will help in finding these books.

    Source Credit:http://www.youngester.com/2010/05/download-books-where-you-can-download.html

    Websites for Textbook Downloads

    Here are some websites that provide textbooks for download ranging from free (sponsored) to those at retail prices:

    A compilation by FriedBeefhttp://www.friedbeef.com/7-best-places-to-download-free-textbooks/

    Bookboon - Free PDF textbooks sourced from European universities

    Free TechBooks - resource page for computer science and programming books


    University for Free

    Flat world for free textbooks

    Wikibooks for free editable educational books

    Free High School Science Texts - free science and mathematics textbooks for Grades 10 to 12

    CafeScribe has gone social allowing a user to connect with others to find other digital book readers, class groups, study groups or academic interest groups adding value to its 8,500+ collection.http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/digital-textbooks-acquire-powerful-search-and-social-networking-capabilities-93673754.html

    Textbook/Media http://www.textbookmedia.com/ requires Microsoft Silverlight application

    BookBoon.com is an advertiser-supported downloadable textbook website.http://www.loyolagreyhound.com/media/storage/paper665/news/2010/02/23/News/Bookboon.com.Works.To.Alleviate.Students.Of.Textbook.Bills-3876887.shtml

    Bridgepoint Education Constellationhttp://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/bridgepoint-education-announces-constellation-94408739.html

    FreeTechBooks for free computer science and programming textbooks

    Freebooks4Doctors for over 300 free medical textbooks and other resources

    University for Free focuses on sharing of free University texts (student-driven)

    Free High School Textbooks (FHSST)

    Campus Grotto lists the following websites:http://www.campusgrotto.com/where-to-download-textbooks.html


    Textbook Revolution



    Wikibooks - community of free editable educational books including WikiJunior for non-fiction books (children 12 and under)

    Flatworld Knowledge - online for free with print-on demand - instructors can modify them as well

    Open Text Book

    Freeload Press