I am a college music professor, 
writer, father, and husband.
But, mostly I am a seeker
and I love to create.
I write music, science fiction, and non-fiction
and I design games.


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I enjoy writing both fiction and non-fiction books and creating original games. 
To see a list of my writing projects please visit the Brass Bell Books and Games website.

My current project is a book about seeking a life purpose. 

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My musical activities can be viewed from the My Music page. 
  • Here you will be able to learn about my musical compositions. 
  • You can also see a list of music I have put into several self-published volumes.
You can hear recordings of many of my compositions by going to my Soundcloud page.


You can view the classes I have taught and all the information related to those classes by going to my Classes page.


I also enjoy working on My Art.


I have recently started studying Aikido, a martial art.
You can visit my Tenshin Aikido site.


If you have any questions or comments about this page, write me at
klangerdude (at) gmail (dot) com.