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FREC (Level 4)

posted 17 Aug 2018, 10:56 by Kim- Train

John has successfully completed the First Response Emergency Care (Level 4) course.  A full week of practical training; attaining new skills and knowledge and applying them to practical exercises.  This was followed by several weeks of self study and submission to the awardiing body, of 3 substantial pieces of post course work.  "I found the FREC 4 training to be very challenging, but take a great deal of satisfaction in completing".

FREC (Level 3)

posted 4 May 2018, 13:35 by Kim- Train

Our principal trainer John, has successfully completed the level 3 in First Response Emergency Care. The advanced first aid course gives extended skills in airway management, supporting respiration, intermediate basic life support and trauma management.  John is to sit the level 4 course in June.

Fantastic Presentation Skills - Legend

posted 19 Oct 2017, 11:18 by Kim- Train   [ updated 8 Mar 2018, 13:14 ]

Genuine feedback for Basic Life Support Training delivered on behalf of SP Training Solutions.

"I leant so many ne things, he gave a thorough anatomy physiology, basic cardio thoracic explanation to then understand the rationale of cause/treatment/action.  Fantastic presentation skills, slightly simular to Peter Kay at times which created 'fun' learning which in my opinion enables attention and retention of infirmation. Good theory:practical ratio, so full of inforation. Very intelligent man.

This was the best BLS training I've had in 20 years! Fantastic trainer. Perrfect, amazing, knowledgable. Professional funny teacher, leader plus realistic. He gained attention as so interesting. Created a fabulous learning environmnt and atmosphere, conducive to learning retention.Above and beyond, I hope he teaches every future session for Locala. Priviledged to have had this session. He should be a lecturer at Uni. Thank you - Legend !!"

Simple, to the point.

posted 8 Aug 2017, 05:38 by Kim- Train

Feedback from Basic Life Support training delivered 7/08/2017.

"Best one I have been to, really informative, relaxed and everyone was much more at ease working on the dummies in groups instead of in front of an audience ...."
"Yes I thought it was very good, simple and to the point"
"It was excellent lots of information and the equipment was really easy to use with is explanation of the instructions."
"Very interesting really liked the man that delivered the training he kept me interested"

Roseworth Surgery, Gosforth.

Full Circus Turnout!

posted 27 Jul 2017, 13:59 by Kim- Train

Our principal trainer John. was returning from a training session in Kent, when he had to stop on the A1 to offer assistance at a serious road accident. Rendering First aid for a head laceration and concussion, and managing scene safety until help arrived. A"full circus" turnout of everythiing apart form the helicopter.

Brilliant and Practical

posted 12 Jul 2017, 09:10 by Kim- Train

Extremely encouraging feedback from a course delivered on behalf of SP Training Solutions.

Commitment to Volunteering

posted 4 Jul 2017, 11:57 by Kim- Train

Our principal trainer John, has received the 2017 Commitment to Volunteering Award from Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, for his work as a Community First Responder.

Lucozade cuts Sugar

posted 31 Mar 2017, 10:00 by Kim- Train

Important Information – How decreased sugar in Lucozade will affect the treatment of hypoglycaemia (March 2017)

As you will be aware, the current guidelines advise that first aiders should aim to give 15-20g of glucose for the treatment of low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia).
However, it has been announced that Lucozade Energy will be lowering the sugar content in all of their flavoured drinks by more than 50% from April 2017, meaning that 20g of glucose will no longer to be the equivalent of 150ml of Lucozade Original.
From April 2017 any first aider who gives adult hypoglycaemic casualties Lucozade Original should aim to give 160ml – 225ml. For hypoglycaemic children, this amount should be 115ml. The advice in our PowerPoint Presentations and within books will be updated to reflect this new information in the upcoming months.
Training providers can simplify the advice given to first aiders as follows: For adults, give 200ml of either Lucozade, Lemonade, Cola or pure fruit juice.  200ml of any of these drinks should contain between 15g - 20g of glucose.  
It is likely that both the new and old bottles of Lucozade will be available to the public in the upcoming months. In addition, the reason for the change is the introduction of the 2018 sugar tax in the UK, so it is likely that other fizzy drinks will also see a reduction in their sugar content in the near future. We therefore recommend that first aiders always check the labels of any Lucozade products and other fizzy drinks they are giving.

Fantastic Trainer with Passion

posted 14 Feb 2017, 10:50 by Kim- Train

"Many thanks. Very engaging delivery. The content was informative, extending my previous knowledge with biological information, which enabled me to better understand first aid. Enjoyed the day."

"Great course. Learned new things though been on many over the years. Trainer got great knowledge and explained everything, really well."

"Fantastic trainer, huge amount of knowledge, and passion for the subject. Very helpful, answered all questions asked."

"Very good training and felt I learned a lot more than I normally would on first aid training - Trainer made everyone feel comfortable and able to ask questions.
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Seasonal Training

posted 15 Dec 2016, 12:53 by Kim- Train   [ updated 14 Jan 2017, 14:37 ]

Look who turned up to Basic Life Support training at Glaxo-Smithkline's Salford Lung Study.


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