Buccal Midazolam

Oromucosal (Buccal) Midazolam is becoming the preferred emergency treatment of prolonged Epileptic Seizures. Used to prevent the condition Status Epilepticus, oromucosal Midazolam is easier to administer than rectal diazepam, and is more readily accepted by both carers and recipients.

KimTrain offers a half day training session in epilepsy awareness and the safe administration of Oromucosal Midazolam.

Training covers:

              • Understanding seizures and epilepsy

            • What buccal midazolam is and how it works

            • When buccal midazolam is used in epilepsy

            • Demonstration and description of the correct procedure

            • for the safe and effective administration of the medication

            • Recognition of potential difficulties

              • Seizure management plans and recording.

Includes hands-on practice, using "dummy" products and anatomical facial model.

Thanks to Viropharma and Special Products Limited for their support with product specific training materials.