Yunnan Sichuan

Chun’s Shangri-La

Searching for Shangri-La, a paradise from James Hilton’s1933 fictional novel, is what retired educator Kelvin Chun is committed to. Shangri-La was renamed from Shambhala, a mythical kingdom hidden in inner Asia and is a pure land where reality is visionary or spiritual as much as physical or geographic. After a career of lifetime of public service, this Shangri-La can be seen in many cultures in finding the meaning of life: Japan – ikigai; France - raison d'etre, and China – Taoism.

Chun embarked on a journey that begins in Yunnan, China and headed north near Tibet and explores areas in Sichuan provinces.

This area is known as the Tibet Autonomous Region is located on the Tibetan Plateau, the highest region on earth. In northern Tibet elevations reach an average of over 4,572 metres (15,000 ft).

The China's provincial-level areas of Xinjiang, Qinghai and Sichuan lie to the north, northeast, and east, respectively, of the Tibet AR. There is also a short border with Yunnan province to the southeast.

Transportation included riding on roller coaster buses on broken earthquaked

rocky/dirt roads for over 12 hours.

The Wenchuan earthquake:

Official figures (as of July 21, 2008 12:00 CST) stated that 69,197 were confirmed dead, including 68,636 in Sichuan province, and 374,176 injured, with 18,222 listed as missing. The earthquake left about 4.8 million people homeless.

and hiking through 24 mile trails for 12 hours.

The first city begins with Shangri-La, which was called Zhongdian (Chinese: 中甸 Zhōngdiàn) but was renamed in December 2001 as Shangri-La.

He then treks for 8 hours to Yubeng Village is situated at the foot of the Meili Snow Mountain Range.

Legend has it that for centuries Yubeng Village was unknown to the outside world. Chun followed the pilgrimage to circle and get soaked from the sacred waterfall 3 times.

Chun explored the Yading Nature Reserve in the Kham region of Sichuan is one of the most beautiful places on the Tibetan Plateau.

Chun had a chance to perform magic in a Tibetan wedding and in their village.

There were 17 courses at the luncheon reception and most of the village people were there.

The experiences of immersing into the minority culture and seeing how similar it is with the Hawaiian culture is amazing.

The Tibetans are bilingual and speak their native language and Mandarin (similar to the polynesians needing to speak their native language and English).

I would even see the preparation of Yak meat for the meat market out in the frigid streets!

and observing the skillful driving of giant trucks trying to squeeze through

and sometimes the not too lucky:

Similar to greeting with "Aloha" ... བཀྲ་ཤིས་བདེ་ལེགས། "tashi delek" with the palms upward!



United Airlines



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Issue Date: September 02, 2015

Hong Kong - Arrive Sept. 25 Midnight

Sept. 26

Shenzhen - Relax & shop

Sept. 27

China Eastern Airlines


Boeing 737-900ER

China Eastern Airlines


Boeing 737

Transfer in KMG(Kunming Kunming Changshui International Airport) 3h25m

13:50 SZX2h20m16:10KMG

19:35 KMG1h0m20:35DIG

Fly to Kunming

Sept 28

Fly to Zhongdian / Shangri-La

Bus to Deqin

Sleep in Felai Si

Sept 29

Bus to Xi den

Hike to Yubeng Village

Sleep at Walker Inn 100 rmb

Hike to Sacred Waterfall twice 13 miles per day


Oct 2 Hike to Ni Long 20 miles

Bus to Felecai

Bus to Zhongdian / Shangri-La

Oct 3

Tour Balagezong Canyon

Oct 4

Bus to Daocheng

100 rmb hotel

Oct 5

Bus to Yading

Oct 6 Yading

Oct 7 relax Daocheng

Oct 8 Kangding


Oct 9 bus to Ya'an

Oct 10 Ya'an Bifengxia-panda-base.htm

Oct 11 Hike Mengding Mountain

Oct 12 bus to Chengdu

Bus to Qingchengshan

Oct 13 hike Qingchengshan

Explore irrigation area

Oct 14 bus to Woolong Earthquake zone

Bus 4 Sisters


OCT 15 4 Sisters Mountain

4 Sisters Mountain:

Haizigou valley 22 miles full day

Oct 16

Combined below is 23 miles full day

Changping valley Hiking by bus is half day

Shangqinggong Valley full hike is 6 hours

Oct 17

4 Sisters Mountain -

Attend Tibetan Wedding Reception

Oct 18

4 Sisters Mountain

Attend Tibetan Wedding Reception

Oct. 19

Bus to Chengdu

Oct. 20


Oct 21


Oct. 22 Beijing

Oct 23 Depart Beijing

Oct 25 Depart Tokyo

Sept. 28


    • Dragoncloud Hostel (0887 -8289250 , "Longxing Kezhan" in Chinese pronunciation), an old building located at the entry from Zhongdian new city to the old town, with the best sunny yard, 24hrs hot water (real hot!) and a very helpful young owner. Plenty of travel info. and guesthouse brochures are availabe in the wall-cabinet for free. The hostel is favored by most of both domestic and oversea backpackers. Y20-30/head for dorm, Y50/single room, Y80~Y120/std. room. Getting there, just take public minibus No. 1 on the opposite side of the bus station for Y1, or take a taxi for Y6, or call the guesthouse at for a free pickup. If you arrive by air, a taxi from the airport coast around Y15.

    • Tibet Hotel (822 3754), 1km South of the Bus Station /Traditional architecture / Dorm Y20 in nice 4 bed's room / Y25 in Trpl / Dbl Y50 / Dble with bath 180

Sept. 29 Shangrila

Take the #1 local bus from the bus stop just in front of Wonderful Grocery Store, across the street from the Old Town parking lot.

There are also minivans at the bus station that leave when they are full (the drivers are shouting "Deqin, Deqin!" to passers by). It's 100 yuan per person. The minivans are a bit faster than the bus.

You can take bus from the bus station at the downtown area to Shuangqiao first. Then ride a horse to the lake. I remeber the bus fare is CNY20 and the fare for riding a horse is about CNY30.


In many places of Shangri-la, the most beautiful scenery cannot be admired without horses. For instance, the way to the Bitahai Lake is much easier by horse than car. After getting to Shuangqiao by car or bus, most tourists choose to hire a horse to the scenic spot at a cost of around CNY50. The horses are provided by local Tibetans. They will tell you how to ride as well as any dos and don’ts.

Sept. 30 - 9am-6pm minibus from Z. to Felai.

here are four buses leaving in the morning from Shangri-la Zhongdian. The journey takes about 5 hours and is through spectacular and insanely scary mountain roads that take you through multiple ecosystems of of superb alpine scenery. The awful music videos, the freezing cold, windy roads and the potential for chain-smoking fellow-passengers can make the journey a bit unpleasant. Always bring ear plugs and a face mask. The town of Benzilan, which lies about midway fromZhongdian is worth stopping off at in its own right, and breaks the journey up nicely. The bus drops people throughout the town, ending at the bus station next to a T junction. It might be possible to continue with the same bus to the Temple FelaiSi, for an additional ¥5 - ask the driver (or ask an English speaking local to ask the driver) at the Deqin bus station. FelaiSi is located about 30 km outside of town and well worth the visit even though it is quite small. Buses to Zhongdian (Shangri-la) depart at 8:20AM, 9:20AM, 12:00PM, 14:20PM and cost ¥68. The earlier buses make a lunch stop at a restaurant but be sure to check prices before taking your food (about ¥10-15 for a vegetable dish and ¥20 for a meat dish).

Shangri-la to Deqen

There are 4 scheduled buses from Zhongdian Bus Station(0887-8223501)to Deqen every morning:7:20, 8:20, 9:20, 12:00,it will take 5、6 hours and costs 33 RMB. Lunch is offered at Benzilan during the trip. The scenery along the road is extremely beautiful, tourists can enjoy the scenery of Napahai Lake, Jinsha River Grand Gorge, Benzhilan, Dongzhuling Monastery and Baimang Snow Mountain.

The last scheduled bus from Deqen to Shangri-la is 3:00pm.

    • Telephone of Deqen Long-distance Bus Station:0887-8412115(Shangri-la 81km Benzilan 23km Dongzhuling Monastery 44km Baimang Snow Mountain 35km Deqen)

Deqen to Mingyong Glacier and Xidang Village

There are scheduled buses from Deqen Bus Station to Mingyong Glacier every day( Via the Feilai Temple), one-hour trip and costs RMB13. Also, buses are available to Xidang Village( a must-be road to Yubeng village).

There’s no need to stop in Deqin, even though most references to Yubeng says you need to transfer in Deqin to Feilaisi. At Feilaisi there is a youth hostel called Deqin Feilaisi Youth Hostel, which charges 35 RMB per night for 10 bed room dorm

Deqin Feilai Temple youth hostel (飞来寺觉色滇乡青年旅舍). Probably the best budget option at the Feilai Temple. Look for the Green sign near the bottom of the slope, and turn right and go up the hill. They have Dorms and private rooms with electric bankets. The rooms are quite dirty and smelly, and the bathrooms are rarely washed. There is a common room with an XBox 360 and stove. Note that the inside of the hostel is not insulated in any way, so outside of the lounge and your bed can get quite chilly! The Wifi is available in both the lounge and the rooms. The reception staff speak good english.(March 2012). Double room with bathroom is very expensive for what it is worth : ¥120. YHA China site(in Chinese) Dorm ¥30.

From Deqin, it is easy to get a taxi to Fei Lai Si (20 minutes) where you can find a guesthouse and make further arrangements to get to the start of the hike in Xidang Village the next day. Sometimes, the bus from Shangri-la to Deqin will continue to Fei Lai Si for an additional 5RMB - it's worth asking the driver. There is also a public bus From Deqin to Xidang which leaves at 3 pm.

    • Feilai Temple (飞来寺; Fēiláisì), (10km away, ¥30 by taxi). Amazing view of Meilixue Mountain worth seeing at sunrise weather permitting as the peaks are often hid in the clouds, thus the name of the temple. Feilai Temple also has a growing number of hostels and guest houses. Consider staying there instead of Deqin. The owner of "Once Upon a Time in FeiLaiSi" speaks English and can give advice on hiking in the area. (2014 - Temple charges an outrages ¥150 to see the view, they have helpfully put up a very large wall to block it and make you pay. You can get round this by walking down the hill with the temple compound wall at your left, once the wall ends turn left and admire the view. Also if you now walk up the hill on the other side of the wall you can ever the temple compound for free) edit (2015- No entry fee requested, arrival was quite early in the morning, but 20 Yuan suggested as an offering in the temple itself.)

From Fei Lai Si, there are minivans leaving every morning for 150RMB (for a full minivan, which usually seats 7) to Xidang hot springs, which is the starting point of the trek to Yubeng. There is also a public bus leaving to Xidang hot springs at 8am from the viewing platform gate, for 20RMB per person.

Oct. 1 - 8am-10am minibus to Xidang, 6hr hike to Yubeng.

    • Yubeng Village (雨崩村‎; Yǔbēngcūn), (18km away). Tibetan village not accessible by any vehicles. You can ask at your hostel to book a seat for you in one of the minibuses departing every morning from FeiLaiSi to Xidang Hot Springs(西当温泉[xīdāngwēnquán])where the hike actually starts. There are usually 6-7 seats in a bus and an overall price is ¥150 (June 2011). Talk to the other people planning to go there so you can share the price. There are a decent number of domestic Chinese tourists that make this trek, so finding a lift shouldn't be difficult. It takes 1 hour and a half to get there and you will be asked to pay ¥80 (June 2011) as a scenic area entrance fee. Make sure you bring your passport as you have to be registered. With a student card you can get a half-price ticket. The 9 km (one way) hike takes about 6-7 hours in total (6.5km uphill and 2.5km downhill) with 1284 meters vertical gain. For those who find the hike difficult there is an option of hiring a horse or mule for ¥185 to the top or ¥255 for the whole way (June 2011). There are 2 tea-houses on the way up where you can buy some water and simple snacks and a tea-house at the top of Yakou pass. Once you arrive please note that there are two villages - Upper Yubeng (you hit this first) and Lower Yubeng (15 minute walk downhill and across the river). The accomodation in Yubeng are very basic and costs about ¥20-25 for a person (June 2011). Food is very local so bring a spirit of adventure as you eat. Once there, Yubeng is one of the most picturesque villages you could hope to see. Nestled in an alpine valley, surrounded by snow peaks, multicoloured forests, and waterfalls. There are also numerous treks one can make from the village, so plan to spend at least a couple of days there. edit The most popular is to the "sacred waterfall" (actually about 10 waterfalls) and they are stunning. Another is to the ice lake. The former starts from Lower Yubeng and the latter from Upper Yubeng. Both have significant elevation gains (3000+ feet) so allow plenty of time. Also, remember that you're already at about 10,000 feet altitude at the start, so HYDRATE as much as you can. The weather can vary from minute to minute, so the key is to layer, and have something waterproof. If you need to buy gear, note the many knock-off shops in Shangri La that sell cheap jackets that are water-resistant and/or cold-resistant. Bring snacks for the hike as there are only a few tea houses and the pickings can be slim (though the Tibetan bread, instant noodles, and Tibetan tea can all be blessings on a cold day). If you see Buddhist pilgrims, offer them a Tibetan greeting of Tashi Delek (pronounced Tash-ee Dee-lay).

  • Meilixue Mountain Nature Reserve (梅里雪山景区‎; Méilǐxuěshān Jǐngqū; also known as Snow Mountain), (You can arrange transport to the reserve entrance for around ¥50 per person in a shared 4x4. Information correct (January 2008)). Hike to the Taizi Temple and Minyong Glacier. Taizi Temple has a guest house but unfortunately most of the rooms are severely damaged by a storm, there is still a few acceptable rooms, available at very low prices ¥20. Only recommended if you absolutely have to stay on the mountain, otherwise go back down to Mingyong Town (July 2009). ¥60.

It’s possible to start the route in either Ni Long or Xi dang village. We were recommended Ni long as the the landscape is more lush and more impressive.

As this blog is here to help people budget there trips I recommend anybody with a student card or anything that looks like a student card try and persuade the ticket office to the Yubeng area that you want the 50% discount. 115 yuan sounds much better than 230 yuan which is the official asking price.

Our first challenge was finding other trekkers in felai Si to go to Ni Long with. We spent around 2 hours trying to get a large enough group of people to make it cheaper for the minivan ride. Eventually we had 6 of us all going to Ni Long in a van paying 20 yuan each

mini van which seated 6 people that took us over for 180RMB. Right before we arrived at the starting point of the trek was the entrance where the ticket booth was located. 240RMB was the entrance ticket to Yubeng and half price for students if under the age of 25.


Oct. 3 - Morning hike in Yubeng (e.g. waterfall), 4hr hike to Ni Nogh, 6-7pm taxi to Felai.

    • Deqin to Shangrila is a windy 6-hour drive. The town of Benzilan, which lies about midway is worth stopping off at in its own right, and breaks the journey up nicely. (Summer 2013: about 10% of the road traveled is still under construction, but travel time is not drastically affected)

Oct. 4 - 8am-4pm minibus from F. to Zhongdian.

    • Daocheng to Shangrila is a 12-hours drive. Cost ¥111. Start at 6:00 am from bus station and travel through magnificent mountain scenery. Half the road is under construction and half is smooth bitumen (June 2013).

Oct. 5 - 7am-7pm bus from Z. to Daocheng.

Oct. 6 - 8am-11am minibus from to D. to Yading (half-day hike, sleep there).

Daocheng from Zhongdian, from Daocheng there is daily buses to Litang. And when you are in Daocheng why not go to Yading nature reserve. Its very beautiful, specially now when the autumn color is here. Highly recommended. It's about 4 h from Daocheng. I would say its one of the most beautiful places in China. They have tent camp and food there. but i would recommended to bring some snack.

If you're in Zhongdian and there's a bus headed to Xiangcheng, take it. Don't wait for a bus which may or may not go direct to Daocheng. It's the connection between Zhongdian and Sichuan that's the most unreliable.

The station at Zhongdian posts a daily bus from Zhongdian to Xiangcheng at 7:30 and one to Daocheng at 7:00am.

And don't forget Tagong a very interesting small Tibetan town with a lot of hiking opportunities, stay at sally's GH just left of the temple at the main square.

Oct. 7 - Yading day hike (7hr), bus back to Daocheng.*

Oct. 8 - 7am-7pm bus from Daocheng to Cheng


Oct. 9 - 11 to Chengdu


Oct. 12 - 15


Oct. 16-17


Beijing: Oct. 22-23

Tokyo: Oct. 24-25

Last Shangri-La - Daocheng Aden pure play day tour

Scenic Introduction:

Inagi Aden with its unique original ecological environment, male, singular, embroidery, the US high-grade natural scenery and famous. It is China's best preserved one of the most original alpine natural ecosystems, showing the world the beautiful natural scenery of mountains and canyons, is the core of China Shangri-la eco-tourism zone. Known as the "Last Shangri-La", "La Wonderland," "the last piece of pure land on the blue planet."

Inagi Aden in southern Sichuan, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, located in the famous eastern Tibetan Plateau, the middle of the mountain range, is a national nature reserve, the provincial scenic area. Aden protected area of ​​1344 square kilometers, the area around the arch all the peaks, vast plateau elevation and a large spa area, so that the warm and humid climate in the region, clear peak Mao, species richness, forming a unique biological area , hydrology, meteorology and other landscapes. Aden protected areas not only has rich natural landscape, more God-shaped both, the broad and deep cultural connotation, this cultural connotation stems from people respect and "Shambhala" harmonious, moderate natural laws of nature, creating the unique spirit of humanism area.


Travel dining accommodation

First day: Chengdu -137km- Ya'an -140km- Luding, Kangding -78km- -49km- xinduqiao (3300m) (404 km journey takes approximately nine hours)

Chengdu collections starting from the high-speed rain city Cheng Ya Ya [] (to ya woman, elegant fish, ya rain Ruin fame) is the Sichuan-Tibet, Qinghai-Tibet throat, the ancient Southern Silk Road and Tea-Horse Road must pass through a portal road. After the high-speed along the river and on the beautiful clean clothes, the concept of Qingyi River Valley scenery, arrived [Vincent] is the famous tea, herbs and "forest vegetables" production base, after Vincent lunch, crossing the country's longest high-altitude road Lang Cairn Tunnel tunnel [two] (full length 4176 m) and enjoy the "mountain of yin and yang" of two very different spectacle, arriving Dadu Valley (WESTERN largest and deepest canyon), overlooking the Dadu River scenery, visit [Luding Bridge ] (fee $ 10) in the Long March of the Red Army "flying wins Luding Bridge", making China the Communist Party of important historical memorial. 22 felt the Red Army won the Luding Bridge Warriors fly momentum. Along the Dadu River upstream, through Kangding Love Song [home] altitude of 2500 meters, windows with views of the picturesque bridges, water, people, Tibetan residential scenery, feel the rich Tibetan Plateau home style. Beyond the Great Barrier fold over the mountainous [], the Snowy Mountains a pulse, it is important to geographical boundaries. Peak elevation of 4900 meters, 4298 meters above sea level Yakou, Sichuan-Tibet line is the first to climb a mountain pass, it is "Kham first hurdle," he said. Arrived "photographer's paradise" [xinduqiao] in Sichuan-Tibet line north and south fork junction, is a picturesque paradise, enjoy the fascination of "Lights and Shadows of the world", the magic of light, the vast grassland, crooked creek, golden Bo Yang, rolling hills, Tibetan villages scattered during ...... West Sichuan plain beautiful scenery bloom. Free activities after dinner. In


New meal






Tip: Xinduqiao is a picturesque paradise. Magical light, the vast grassland, crooked creek, or rows, or scattered Li Bo Yang change with the seasons, showing the ever-changing colors, rolling hills, Tibetan villages scattered across the meantime, cattle and sheep peacefully eating grass plains of western Sichuan ...... beautiful scenery bloom, so photographers fascinated, "Lights and Shadows of the world." Distance away, but the road is good, the scenery along the way is also very beautiful, Erlang Mountain 318 state road situation here, the road traffic jams.

The next day: xinduqiao -68km- Yajiang -137km- -148km- Litang Daocheng (3700m) 353 km journey takes approximately 10 hours)

After breakfast, drive to enjoy the beautiful scenery, "photographic paradise" of the morning. Gore over the Temple Mount] [4412 m above sea level, along the way to see the prairie, watching the landscape and enjoy the natural beauty of the plateau clouds, Gore Temple Kangding and elegant mountain top as a natural barrier River counties. If the weather is good, it is the best location and Yala Snow Mountain Gongga Mountain peak viewing. Arrived in Yalong River - Kham small town [YAJIANG] altitude 2900 meters, is located in the hinterland of the Kham region, stand on the Tea-Horse Road, accumulated under a rich cultural landscape Kham. Thus enjoy "China Shangri-la culture tourist loop first county" and "Tea-Horse Road first crossing," he said. About 30 kilometers from the county seat, retains the unique Tibetan Kham take the marriage customs. Continue to climb two mountains scissors curved mountain] [4659 m above sea level, is one of the highest mountain pass 318 National Road through the Kham region. Qianshanwanhe panoramic view, enjoy some antiquity Rhyme Tea-Horse Road.

[Sa] clamp altitude 4718 meters, due to the higher altitude, the more rare trees, mostly alpine meadow. Here we see the mountains, several overlapping peaks, layered over farther, one lighter than the color layer, until the horizon, I really like to walk on the 'Pilgrim'. [River] big lunch here at their own expense (80 yuan) taste delicious alpine cuisine without scales cod in cold water, tender meat, soup more delicious, cold cod up to a year long 2 two. Arrival plateau Pearl, the world's highest city Litang] [4014 m above sea level, is a beautiful scenery and outstanding place, was hailed as "China High City, the snow-covered shrine, grassland Pearl." At their own expense 20 yuan / person visit [Ker], also known Litang Monastery, in 1580 the Dalai Lama, Sonam Gyatso created by the Third World, is the Kham region's oldest and largest Yellow Sect of Tibetan Buddhism temple. In a high reputation throughout the Tibetan areas, become the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism shrine Kham region, a distance] [Maoya prairie scenery, over the shape of a rabbit] [Rabbit Hill, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau the largest ancient ice remains, namely, "Daocheng ancient ice cap" [Nature Reserves] Haizishan average altitude of about 4500 meters, arrived [DAOCHENG] (the ancient name rice dam, meaning valley Mizoguchi open land), altitude 3600 meters, Inagi dinner (this day trip all day on high altitude alpine walking distance away, relatively hard, relatively late meal) morning



Rice meal


Tip: xinduqiao to Daocheng, the whole pavement roads, travel is relatively long, so this day trip is quite hard, and that turn endless one another a mountain and when the time is now hidden at any time with a plateau The reaction, so you quite this situation everlasting feeling. Of course, God will not lose your pay. This way the beautiful scenery will make people feel great pain and happiness. Do not avoid drinking at night, sleeping keep warm. If the night the body feels good, the human spirit is also more abundant, it can also be their own expense to Daocheng Ru Butchart card spa, although conditions are relatively simple, but natural and original, you can feel the unique characteristics of Tibetan spa.

Day: La Inagi -80km- (about 2.5 hours' drive)

After breakfast travel to Aden fascinating! Poplar Grove along the way enjoy acres, more than 4300 meters above sea level over the mountains of Bowa, terracotta charming valley scenery, secluded Tibetan village will certainly make you hang around them, before we will enter the area by local people's habit to go towards 拜贡嘎 Lang Darjeeling Temple, Daocheng to the Geneva about 78 km, travel time is about three and a half hours, then take scenic tourist reception center in the tourist resort car arrived at Aden cloudy dam (over 30 km, 1.5 hours by car), get off tourists direct access to the mountain on foot Chonggu, watch Chonggu scenery and mountain Xian Nairi (meaning Bodhisattva, elevation 6023 m) scenery, then continue on to the wrong God towards Baizhuomala lake (Sea Pearl), can also be arranged next day tour . View towards Xian Nairi Kamiyama (meaning Bodhisattva, elevation 6023 m), can also be done to adapt to high altitude rest in the village of Aden. Night stay Aden village, the village of Aden Tibetan feel honest family life, experience Tibetan culture and customs bring mind shock. Early



Meals Asia



Tip: from Daocheng to the Geneva segment across the board are widening the road, there are traffic control, road bumps more difficult, to the Shangri-La when the township will decrease altitude, this will make people feel comfortable. It allows you to take a look at Daocheng Daocheng morning King, then put on hold all the way to Aden. Stay in the village of Aden today, you can feel Aden night. Aden accommodation actually relatively poor (in fact, this travel, the pursuit is a culture, an atmosphere and a different environment; in this, about living Tibetan houses, cabins; to listen to sounds of nature ; look comfortable hillside sheep, leisurely boy, face the vicissitudes of the old lady; the point of a cigarette, savor the quiet, peaceful ...... this, is - Shambhala).

Special note: Please wear gloves when riding, the need to pay attention to safety, in order to be led by the groom riding. Resorts volatile climate, rain gear ready.

Day: Inagi Aden -36km- the Geneva -74km- (110 km)

Breakfast backward 入亚丁 of the core area, visitors walk along the ditch arrival Chonggu Gongga silver, ornamental Chonggu scenery and mountain scenery Xian Nairi, then take the cable car at their own expense (80 round-trip, one-way 50) Continue to Luorongniuchang (Hiking about three hours to reach Luorongniuchang), ornamental Chonggu scenery and mountain scenery Xian Nairi, outlook towards Xian Nairi Kamiyama (meaning Bodhisattva, elevation 6023 m). When the mountain a distance Xianuoduoji Kamiyama (meaning Vajrapani, altitude 5958 meters), Yang Maiyong Kamiyama (meaning gold Manjushri, altitude 5958 meters), wildlife, alpine flower, snow forests, glaciers, lakes rivers, to experience the harmony between man and nature natural wonders. Let mountain holy water resonates with the heart, enjoy indulging in the fantasy land. Farewell three sacred mountains, step by step away from the last Shangri-La - Aden, go Inagi stay. (Disclaimer: To worship colored sea, the sea of ​​milk, the two non-travel attraction normal itinerary included, for exploring the costs associated with security themselves, and sign a written agreement, without any relationship with the travel agency.) Early



Rice meal


Tip: Special: To worship colored sea, the sea of ​​milk, these two attractions normal itinerary included a non-travel, for tour shall enter into a written agreement, has nothing to do with the safety of themselves and travel expenses. As the day sightseeing colored sea, the sea of ​​milk, you may not have time to visit the pearl sea attractions. Currently only horseback ride Chonggu Aden, the remaining sections need to walk or take scenic cable car (one-way 50, 80 and from themselves).

Day Five: Litang Daocheng -148km- -137km- xinduqiao (429 km)

After breakfast sumdo town shooting Inagi red grass (Note: red grass seasonal landscape, only in the end of September to early October each year to see the prairie here in red) in the autumn, with the back pan yellow birch, reflected in the pond, is the beauty of the many books described. After crossing the ancient glaciers Haizishan reach Litang, after yajiang county, arrived photographers favorite place - a plateau 3,450 meters above sea level gully photography heaven - xinduqiao here overlooking the King of Shushan 7556 meters of - peak Gongga Mountain. Jiang arrived Dayak or xinduqiao hotel to rest. Early



New meal



Sixth day: Xinduqiao -80 -49km- Kangding Luding -28km- Erlangshan -114km- Ya'an -137km- Chengdu (420 km)


Get up early and enjoy the picturesque Chenhui bridges, water, people, Tibetan residential scenery, feel the rich Tibetan Plateau home style. After breakfast arrived after crossing the mountainous fold Kangding, Kangding Luding departure arrived, after crossing the country's highest two Long Hill Tunnel, after the yin and yang are two different worlds, the rain Ya'an city, return to Chengdu, scattered groups. Early


Meals not


Service standards

Transport air-conditioned coach, according to the number arrange car

Accommodation standard group (standard room inn or residence, Aden accommodation Dorm, public health)

TAG group (hotel standard room, Aden accommodation for 2 people, public health)

Such as generating a single man or woman, I have the right to adjust the Triple rooms if they can not spell, you need another room surcharge.

Dining full meals, 5 early 11 positive (scenic lunch meal for the road, with my community, because of long distances, unpredictable factors, CCS can arrange meals 1-2 times the actual situation of the road, travel the next day, the first three days and the fifth day breakfast meal for the road)

Tour guide services throughout holder (16 people or less no guide)

Tickets including attraction tickets Aden: Aden 150 + 120 = 270 tourist vehicles yuan / person

Insurance travel agency liability insurance. Please note that this insurance without property insurance, please protect your property.

Excluding cost Aden area within the battery light concept car 80 yuan, 200-400 yuan inside Aden area on horseback, other private entertainment consumer items.


 1 FIT shuttle: the day before a group of about 19--21 o'clock at night driver informed departure time

 2 high altitude plateau strong sunshine, the temperature difference between morning and evening, prepare long-sleeved underwear, sweaters, jackets, down jackets, etc., but is recommended to bring good sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen, lip balm, and equipped with Rhodiola, muscle liver oral, cold medicine, gastrointestinal drugs, aspirin, diazepam, headache powder drugs.

 3 due to the way the vehicle load is large, you may encounter car broke down and affect the trip, please be psychologically prepared tourists. Such as the way in case of force majeure factors (such as altitude sickness, roads, landslides, vehicle accidents hinder, etc.) I have the right without reducing the attraction of the case, adjust the itinerary according to the situation, such as cost overruns caused by guests and travel agents negotiate sharing .

 4 Guests ready sunglasses, rain gear, sunscreen and cold clothes and other items to prevent altitude sickness drugs.

Special Note

 1 into the top Tibetan sleep and rest should be sufficient, conditions may be appropriate to drink Rhodiola and other beverages, severe high blood pressure, heart disease should not enter the plateau. Where have high blood pressure, heart disease, brain, blood, and coronary heart disease or the age of 60 years or more, for your safety Do not conceal the truth, you can choose another line or Please let it travel (eg to conceal the truth, consequences conceited.), and make proper preparations.

 2 high altitude plateau strong sunshine, the temperature difference between morning and evening, prepare long-sleeved underwear, sweaters, jackets, down jackets, etc., but is recommended to bring good sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen, lip balm, and equipped with Rhodiola, muscle liver oral, cold medicine, gastrointestinal drugs, aspirin, diazepam, headache powder drugs.

 3 due to the difficult conditions at local hotels and restaurants, little shops along the way, different customs and habits, can bring their own pickles, snacks, dry food and other food and personal hygiene products.

Tips (please read carefully when signing the contract)

 1 Moderate drinking butter tea, dairy products, Rhodiola and other beverages can enhance the ability to adapt to high altitude climate.

 2 maintain optimism, psychological burden will increase if the altitude sickness, and slow the body adapt to high altitude climate. Everyone entering the plateau will feel different degrees of altitude sickness such as headache, chest tightness, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, generally over 1-2 days, these symptoms will gradually lessen or disappear.

 3 diet should be moderate, not overeating, to avoid increasing the burden of gastroenteritis. Do not run plateau and strenuous exercise, take a shower to avoid colds and less consumption of energy, if cold, cough, fever embolism condition, please see a doctor and take medicine, it will be very easily converted into emphysema.

 4 on vehicular traffic: current Sichuan tourism market, because eight of the following vehicles can not apply for a tourist license, visitors need to understand and correct this situation may not be as a reason to file a complaint. Driving a long plateau, the way heavy load vehicles may encounter car broke down and affect the trip, please psychologically prepared for tourists. In case of force majeure, such as landslides, road barrier, vehicle breakdowns, local government behavior caused by travel delays, or can not complete the above attractions, we are not responsible for travel agencies, travel agents are not liable, cost overruns resulting from the tourists themselves. But I will actively cooperate to resolve.

 5 listed in itinerary Hotel star rating is appropriate according to local tourism and make the actual reception conditions, does not represent an official basis. In addition to tourists special requirements other than hanging stars, stars are ready (ie, quasi-star).

 6 Kham Tibetan region along the line, please tourists respect the local religion, folk customs, not to the city people's mentality and standards to measure local conditions. Please tolerance and acceptance journey inadequate reception conditions. Compliance with travel arrangements, not arbitrarily from the group, otherwise please damage caused by visitors themselves.

 7 Some places require riding, should pay attention to safety, in order to be led by the groom to ride, not riding alone, can not run on horseback, dangerous road and walk downhill to dismount, or cause damage, shall be borne by the tourists, travel agents will not be any compensation .

 8 visitors as a result of their own reasons, to change the contract signed secretly travel route, with a guide or driver, itinerary change agreement signed, costs incurred in future be borne by the tourists. (Due to travel before departure had visitors and along the hotel, food and beverage department signed a contract, and delivered the sums). If due to objective reasons or to reduce the number of days to reduce travel attractions can modify itinerary after consultations, the principle of non-refundable Society. I have the right without reducing the attraction of cases, depending on the situation to adjust the stroke order of the attractions.

 8 visitors as a result of their own reasons, to change the contract signed secretly travel route, with a guide or driver, itinerary change agreement signed, costs incurred in future be borne by the tourists. (Due to travel before departure had visitors and along the hotel, food and beverage department signed a contract, and delivered the sums). If due to objective reasons or to reduce the number of days to reduce travel attractions can modify itinerary after consultations, the principle of non-refundable Society.

Please read the itinerary and service standards described above, agree with and ensure compliance with travel arrangements. Such as the generation contract disputes or personal accident, according to "People's Republic of China Contract Law", "People's Republic of China Tourism Law," "Road Traffic Law," "Insurance Compensation Ordinance" ruling. This trip as a tourist contract with the same legal effect attached sheet travel contract.

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