The Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program (JFMF), sponsored by the Government of Japan, provides American primary and secondary school teachers and administrators with fully-funded short-term study tours of Japan. The program is designed to increase understanding between the people of Japan and the United States by inviting U.S. elementary and secondary educators to visit Japan and share their experiences with fellow Americans upon their return. JFMF participants travel to Japan with other outstanding educators, learn about Japanese culture and education, and return to implement a self-designed plan to share their knowledge and experience with their students, colleagues and community.

The Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program was established to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Fulbright Program - a U.S. government-initiated project created in 1946 to foster mutual understanding through exchanges of university students, faculty and researchers. More than 6,800 Japanese people have benefited from the U.S. Fulbright scholarship program. Many Japanese recipients of Fulbright scholarships went on to become leaders in government, business, and academia and were instrumental in the post-war redevelopment of Japan. To show the Japanese people's appreciation for the Fulbright Program, the Government of Japan established the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund and is inviting thousands of American teachers and administrators to Japan over the coming years. The 2006 Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program competition marks the tenth year of this program.


The purpose of the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program is to provide such opportunities to primary and secondary educators to gain first-hand experience of Japanese education and culture.

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This website will share my experiences in Japan.

Press release articles: Honolulu Starbulletin Newspaper; Honolulu Advertiser Newspaper

DOE published periodical: Na Lono Kula The News of the School

JFMF Teacher Program Schedule June, 2006

Map of where all 200 teachers will visit.

Web Videos Other 2006 Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund

Maui JFMF Recepient - Cyndi Leany

2006 JFMF Blogs

Web Presentation

June11 (Sun) San Francisco Orientation

June13 (Tue) Arrival in Tokyo

June 14 (Wed)

Breakfastby States


Traditionalart performances (Kabuki and Kyogen)

June 15 (Thurs.)

Catchingthe train

TsukijiFish Market



Afternoon Presenters:

Yuji Tsushima (Diet Member) (House of Representatives)

Wakako Hironaka (Diet Member) (House of Counselors)

Moderator: Hiroya Ichikawa, Professor, Sophia University

Japan's Economy:

Manabu Fukuda

Chief Compliance Officer, Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

Sunmark Publishing, Inc.

Presentation for Kenji Miyazawa



Magic Shop: MagicFantasia

Magic Shop: Tobu-TenyoMagic

June 16 (Fri)



Japan-US Collaborative Environmental Education



Magic Store: Magic Land

Viewlatest electronics at : Akihabara City

Visit various shops in Asakusa Bashi

June 17 (Saturday)

ExploreJapan - Independent Activities:


Listof Magic Shops in Tokyo

TokyoStation: Tricks Magic Shop

KiteMuseum in Nihonbashi

TokyuHands - Magic Store

Balloonstore in Asakusa Bashi

Ropestore in Asakusa Bashi

Arrangeto meet Tokyo magician: David Letendre

June 18 (Sun) - 27 (Tues) Host City Program school visits, homestay, cultural experience (Mutsu, Aomori)

June 18 - 19 Depart at Haneda Airport and arrive at Aomori Airport (S/M)

HirosakiCity, Aomori

Courtesy visit to Mayor of Mutsu City

June 20 (T)

MutsuCity - Welcome Reception

MutsuScience Museum

Osorezan Mountain



MatsuCity Library

June 21 (W)

OhdairaElementary School Visitation

AfternoonOhdaira Elementary School Visitation

June 22 (Th)

TanabuJunior High School

June 23 (F)

Tanabu High School

MutsuCity and Host Family Introductions


June 24 (S)


More Host Family

June 25 (SN)

Excursionwith Host Family

June 26 (M)


June 27 (T)

Backto Tokyo from Aomori

Visita Silk Shop

June 28 (W)

Debriefingand group presentations

Mutsu,Aomori Group Presentation - Powerpoint Slides

SayanoraBanquet & Goodbyes

June 29 (Thu) Departure from Tokyo / Return to U.S.

Name: Kelvin YS Chun

Number: 0202

Group: Mutsu, Aomori

June 2006

My follow-on plan will be the same as initial proposal.