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Kelvin Y.S. Chun


Internationally Recognized


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See video: Disney Award, George Lucas Educational Foundation

Kelvin Chun, a former technology specialist at Nu'uanu Elementary School, has been named one of three Ed Tech Leaders of the Year by Technology & Learning magazine, a trade publication.

ETEC - Educational Technology at the University of Hawaii'i at Manoa

"Kelvin Chun (1995) is perhaps the most "decorated" graduate of the program, having received a Disney Teacher Award in 1999, and the Honolulu District Teacher of the Year award that same year. Kelvin has combined his math, science, and computer skills to create innovative designs in technology program for K-6 students, and has been recognized for his efforts locally as well as nationally. "

Recognition of Teaching:

August, 2017 UH Department of Learning Design & Technology's Distinguished Alumni

February 28, 2016: Moanalua High School's PTSA 12th Annual Kina‘ole Honoree

August, 2013: HSTA Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation's Good Idea Grant

July, 2013: First Lego League / Junior First Lego League Coach & ROC/Friends Grant Recepient

April, 2011: 3M - 3M Ingenuity Grant

October, 2010: Hawaii State FCU Helping Hands Grant Recepient

July, 2010: First Lego League / Junior First Lego League Coach & ROC/Friends Grant Recepient

July, 2009: First Lego League / Junior First Lego League Coach & Grant Recepient

March, 2009: World Math Day Video Challenge Winner / VMath Live Grant Recepient

January, 2003: Classroom Connect: Top 12 Finalist for the Internet Educator of the Year 2003

December, 2002: National Ed Tech Leaders of the Year 2002

December, 2001: Ed Tech Leaders of the Year 2001 Semi-finalist

October, 2000: All USA Today 2000 First Teacher Team (USA Today Youtube Video)

August, 1999: Disney American Teacher Award Honoree: Elementary Specialist: Technology (Disney Press Release)

Disney American Teacher Awards (Disney ATA Video Youtube Video)

May, 1999: Honolulu District Y2K Teacher of the Year (TOY Youtube Video)

Kelvin was an educator in the Hawaii Department of Education for 30 years.

He has studied and taught emerging educational software and hardware technologies since 1977. As a technology coordinator and mathematics teacher, Kelvin integrated the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with the K-12 curriculum standards.

1995 - 2014: Technology Coordinator / Librarian / Multimedia Facilitator: Pohakea, Waialae, and Nuuanu Elementary School

Served as computer consultant for entire school - Trained students, administrators, teachers, and staff in use of educational and administrative software. Established technology clubs and administrator for Macintosh and Windows file servers. Establish video studios with interactive network communication. (GLEF Youtube Video) (Video Conference)

    • Promotes and models research technology use for curriculum, instruction and training

    • Fosters collaboration in developing links between curriculum and use of technology

    • Assists teachers with unit plans/curriculum integration of technology

    • Assists students in the uses of technology

1995 - Completed Master's of Education (MEd) in Educational Technology

1993 - Present: Professional Development Teacher Trainer

University of Hawaii, Outreach College: Technology and Math Instructor State/District Summer Institute. Taught 10 summers TECS, ETEC and EDCI courses through College of Continuing Education and the Department of Education. The courses covered topics in multimedia technology (video, Hyperstudio, and internet) and mathematics.

1993: Completed TIRM (Telecommunications and Information Resource Management) - A graduate-level certificate program designed for public and private sector professionals seeking advanced study in telecommunications and information resource management.

1992 - 1995: Leeward District Technology Coordinator

Campbell Complex/Leeward District Office (11 Schools): Technology Resource Teacher. Assisted the district staff, principals and faculties of the Campbell Complex and Leeward District schools with: general assessment of present and future technological needs; maximum utilization of existing technological resources; teacher inservice training on technology and instructional design.

1990 - 1991: Hawaii State Computer Educational Specialist - Office of Instructional Services

General Education Branch, OIS: Computer Education Specialist II. Planned, designed, and developed the state computer education program for all students, grades K-12. Identified pre-service and inservice training needs of teachers and coordinates with districts in designing training programs.

1988 - 1990: Advising and teaching AP Computer Science - Data Structures and PASCAL, BASIC, and LOGO on Apple IIe, IBM PC, and Macintosh to Pearl City High School's computer club, and administering the Leeward District's first Local Area Network - IBM baseband

1988: Programming Karel and Pascal languages Advanced Placement Computer Science Workshops at Carnegie Mellon University

1986: Programming FORTRAN, Assembly language on Leeward Community College's mini computer

1984-1987: Advising and teaching BASIC on IBM PC to Waianae High School's computer club

1983:Teaching BASIC on Radio Shack's TRS-80 Model III and Commodore 64 at Mckinley High School's Computer Math Class

1983 - 1992: Secondary School Technology/Computer Science Teacher and Mathematics Teacher

McKinley High, Moanalua High, Waianae High, Pearl City High, and Waialua Intermediate and High School

Spring, 1983: Kaiser High School - Observation / Participation - Mathematics Teacher

Spring, 1982: Maryknoll Grade School - Observation / Participation

1977-1983: Programing PL/1, COBOL, SAS, and SPSS on punched cards and terminals at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

1977: Programing BASIC on Moanalua High School's teletype terminals - telecommunicating through modem into the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

HTSB License 2011-2016

Highly Qualified 2012-2013

May, 1995: College of Education, Master of Education (M. Ed.), Major: Educational Technology.

May, 1993: College of Arts and Science, Graduate Certificate.

Major: Telecommunication Information Resource Management (TIRM).

May, 1986: Leeward Community College, Associate in Science degree, Major: Accounting.

May, 1985: Leeward Community College, Associate in Science degree, Major: Information and Computer Science.

December, 1983: College of Education, Professional Diploma (PD), Major: Secondary Education - Mathematics.

May, 1982: College of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration, Major: Business Economics & Quantitative Methods.

Kelvin Chun