Hulunbuir Grassland of Inner Mongolia






Arrive Aug 30 7:30

Wang plane ticket 330

Train to city 25 rmb

Silk Market

Order Glasses 680 rmb

Frame and lens distance

Polarize Distance lens

Photogray lens

Hostel 75 rmb

Juice 8

Aug 31

Train to Magic shop

Return magic

Train to Silk Market

Progressive photo gray lens 450 rmb

3 Phone cover and screen protector 100 rmb

iPod touch and screen 25 rmb

iPod and screen 25 rmb

Battery bank 90 rmb

Head phone blue tooth 150 rmb

Wang arrives Beijing

Airport train 25 rmb

Chicken rice lunch 45 rmb


Taxi 30 rmb

Hotel 160 rmb

Sept 1

Bus 136 rmb

Honghuaner scenery 120 rmb

Hotel 260 rmb

September 2

Car to bus 40 rmb

Bus to Aerahan 140 rmb

Car to Aerahan 150

Hotel 100

Scenery ticket 570

September 3

Meal 50

Taxi 130

Hotel 160

Rest hotel

Aerahan Scenery


Sept 4

Aershan scenery 200

Hotel 160

meal 100

Taxi to town 130

sept 5

Bus 120 to Hailar and Manzhouli

Hotel grand 420 rmb

Tour 500 rmb

Dinner 250 rmb

Taxi 50 rmb

Bus 78

Sept 6

Tour Manzhouli

280 rmb each

Dinner 100 pizza rice beef

Sept 7

Bus to hailar 130

Plane to Beijing and Urumqi


Hotel 200

Sept 8

Home inn 200

Breakfast 36

Bus 10

Taxi 20

Lunch 30

Drinks 15

Ma transportation 3000

Sept 9

Ma arrives

Bus 3

Breakfast 40

Car rental 4000

Tianchi lake

Sept 10

Toll 100

Bus for 3

36 @ 3 = 108

Yurt 130

Dinner 75

Sept 11

Breakfast 45


18 @ 3

Drive to Geopark Keketouhai

Lunch 75

Drinks 50

Sept 12

Ghost city bus 160

Hotel 380

Lunch noodle 60

Gas 250

Parking 10

Dinner 100

Sept 13


Lunch 300

Gas 250

Parking 10

Hotel 200

Bus 3

Sept 14

Ma depart

Plane to Kashgar 500 each x 2

Hotel 180

Dinner noodles and drink 80

MiniSo Battery Snacks Clipper


September 15

Tour to Karakul lake and Pakistan gate 500 each

Snacks 30

Dinner 20

Moon cake

Sept 16

Return to Kashgar

Hotel 180

Dinner 60

Battery 90

Haircut 10

Sept 17

Taxi 20

Plane to Urumqi 2 people 2700 rmb

Airport bus 15 each

Train turpan 2 @ 70

Hostel 2 @ 40

Dinner long rice soup 40

Sept 18

Driver 2 @ 85

Flaming mountain 80

Water scenery 80

Ancient city 40

Taxi 25 to train

Bus 2

Dinner chicken 75

Train to liuyuan 174 @ 2

Sept 19

Train to Great Wall Garrison Fort

90 each

Train to Danxia Zhangye

Mein breakfast and dinner

Sept 20

Long distance bus to Danxia

Zhangye to Qinghai

Arrive Qinghai bullet train

150 rmb

Xingwang Hotel 270 rmb

Sept 21

Qinghai Lake tour

650 + 240 each

Sept 22

Chaka lake tour

Taxi 20

Dinner Dico 46 rmb

Potato dumpling 20

Xingwang Hotel 580 rmb

2 nights

September 23

Kunbala Forest tour 360 each

September 24

Tour temple 80

Taxi 10

Bus 6

Dinner 8


September 25



Houhai lake

September 26

Fly to Tokyo

Shinagawa Prince Hotel North

September 27

tour Nikko lake, water fall, and temple

September 28


fly home





Terminal 1





8 Hào xiù shuǐlù, hūlúnbèi'ěr shì hǎilā'ěr shènglì jiē


Enhe Russian Ethnic Township


Value For Money6.0






Property Directions

if you get off the morning train from Harbin in Hailar at about 08AM, then go to take bus to Ergun, every 30mins from 06:40 to 17:30 and runs about 3hrs at the price of RMB38. (Ergun City, E Er Gu Na Shi called La Bu Da Lin by local people). How to go to the Hailar bus station: go across the bridge on the Hailar train station, walking ahead to the 1st corner then turn left, bus station is on your left hand. After you arrive at La Bu Da Lin / E Er Gu Na Shi, then get another ticket to Enhe at the same bus station.

There are 4 bus runs to Enhe everyday, all of them run about 2hour, 80KM to Enhe at the price of RMB27. The 1st bus runs which departure at 09:30 and runs to Ji La Lin( Shiwei Russian Ethnic Township) will pass by Enhe and drop you at the road about Enhe, 3KM distance to Enhe Government Office Building. the 2nd bus will departure at 13:00 and runs right to Enhe about 2 hour and the bus stop at the Government Office Building.the 3rd bus which departure at 14:30 and runs to Qi Ka will stop right at Enhe Government Office Building first and then Qi ka; the 3rd bus will departure at 13:00 and runs right to Enhe about 2 hour and the bus stop at the Government Office Building. The last bus runs Which departure at 15:30 and runs to Ji La Lin( Shiwei Russian Ethnic Township) will pass by Enhe and drop you at the road about Enhe, 3KM distance to Enhe Government Office Building. Call us advance for your pick up.

From Enhe Government Office Building to hostel: walking straight on the direction of bus driving until the last street, we are the 2nd country yard.

we are at the end of village along the river.

Map data ©2016


Anda International Youth Hostel is located in the central area of Hailar, well-located , about 1.25 km from Hailar the train station, about 3.5 km from Hailar Dongshan Airport. Around the major banks, restaurants, specialty shops, shopping malls, entertainment, bus stations and other facilities. The hostel not only provide comfortable accommodations for young people who love grassland, but also are committed to creating a more open, liberal, tolerant culture, to enjoying the beauty of grassland and virgin forest , feeling the life around the nature, to spreading prairie culture and Mongolian culture. It’s better to take coat and trousers becauce you will feel a little cold in the evening and mosquitoes appear on the glassland.Tel:0470-2770470,18147050470.

Hailar Dongshan Airport:3.5km from hostel,it costs 10~15minutes from us to the airport by taxi, about 15 yuan.The airport shuttle bus take 5 yuan for one person to the train station from the airport, just take off on the City Hall ,and then walk to our hostel。