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Why bring in trainings and workshops for staff?

There are many reasons to Be An Agent for Change - what is your reason?

Stress levels at the workplace are steadily on the rise and lead to a variety of issues and concerns for the business.  Smart supervisors provide opportunities for their staff to learn about important topics in a fun environment to boost morale, relieve stress, and bond with co-workers. 

With a variety of topics to reduce risk in the work place and promote health and wellness, there are numerous ways to improve the culture of your workplace in a way your staff will love. Katie is very familiar with the ways a job can negatively impact one's life and lead to productivity issues, low morale and retention issues for the company.  She hopes to help companies of all kinds avoid causing this strain on their employees and on the business while helping stressed out employees find peace.  

Due to her educational background, various degrees and certificates, and her experiences working in various capacities with adult learners, Katie understands the various styles of learning and incorporates numerous methods into each presentation. 

The content of any training is important but the presentation of the content is where Katie Bean stands out from the rest.  With over 15 years of experience as a learning and development leader and teaching in a variety of settings, Katie has a dynamic way of reaching any audience with a supportive and compassionate approach.  

Katie Bean creates a space where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and experiences which leads to an engaging session. She incorporates fun activities that keep the audience interested, always includes time for personal reflection to ensure the information connects personally to each person, and offers assessment tools to be able to showcase to the supervisor the impact of the training. 

While Katie has a library of already crafted training sessions and workshops that have been proven to be successful, she is also capable of personalizing the content and training to fit your team's specific needs. 

Her areas of expertise include team-building for any size group, risk management around wellness, alcohol and drugs, skill-building for management and all things holistic health including yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.  

 Below you'll find a list of topics Katie Bean can cover but if you don't see the topic there you want - just ask! 

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Skill-Building For Supervisors:

For managers and supervisors, this interactive session will look at the intersection of Kohlberg, Prochaska and Miller's theories to address high risk behavior you might notice from employees. Participants will learn how to identify the motivation behind the current behavior, recognize willingness to change behavior, and enhance motivation to behave in more positive ways. Through practice and case study reviews, participants will leave with handouts, as well as tips, techniques and the confidence to engage others in difficult conversations about behaviors not suitable for the office or business.

Alcohol and drugs might not ever impact an employee's role in the office - but if they do, it can be one of the hardest conversations to have.  Combining best practices and years of experience, this session will review various strategies for having this tough conversation. Case studies are utilized and practice conversations take place to ensure the participants are engaged and leave with a deep understanding as well as increased skills.

Some teams create a culture around alcohol or drug use that can become a risk for the entire organization.  Utilizing best practices and effective strategies identified by the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse (NIAAA), this session shares the individual, targeted and population-based approaches that work best to reduce high risk behaviors associated with alcohol and other drugs.  Small group discussions will allow all participants to share ideas and feel a part of the solution. 

The systems, structures, policies, and protocols in place have a real everyday impact on our staff and therefore on our productivity as a business. Learn about the ways to enhance the systems to improve the well-being of all and see your impact and profits soar. This can be customized based on the company structure but will include group discussions and process-mapping to self-evaluate current systems.

Risk Management for Employees:

This session can help mitigate the risks that come with employees traveling on the company dime. Best suited for those who travel to other countries for business or pleasure, this workshop focuses on various cultures and their view on alcohol as well as other's culture's views on Americans. Participants will learn about various countries laws and norms around alcohol and other drug use as well as safety tips that can be used anywhere in the world. 

Alcohol is a part of the American culture and is a part of the workplace for many fields.  Business trips and conferences, happy hours, and holiday parties - when alcohol is involved, there are pitfalls to avoid.  This interactive workshop will utilize scenarios and activities to get participants to think critically about how to navigate alcohol in a professional setting.  This session can be presented during a happy hour to entice participation! 

Health and Wellness Workshops:

There are many dimensions of wellness including physical, mental, spiritual, financial, intellectual, professional, and social - and the key is to balance each of these priorities.  This workshop will delve into these 6 dimensions of wellness and provide a space for goal-setting to improve balance and productivity.  Any one dimension can be chosen to focus on or this can be turned into a 3 or 6-week series.

Research proves that a mindfulness practice makes people more productive in the workplace and more pleasant to be around. This workshop will discuss the difference between mindfulness and meditation and include time to practice both techniques to bring calm, clarity and focus. This is especially helpful for fast-paced environments or among teams that are under high stress or deadlines.

Self-care is a trendy buzz word and many businesses have been created to offer commercialized and commodified options. But what is true self-care? Through personal reflection and group discussion, participants will identify their own unique self-care needs and assess how to align their time and energy to meet those needs. A practical conversation useful for all employees and teams.

Businesses often use group community service as a morale booster or to help motivate employees.  Research proves that altruism and service to others positively impacts the life of those serving. This can be a session to prepare the office for a service trip, a season of service, or a new project that is focused on the betterment of society.  

This all-levels workshop will provide prompts and a space to journal regarding the emotions that come up throughout the class. This slow flow class brings participants through a series of physical postures to help clear the mind and explore untapped thoughts or emotions. Specific prompts can be shared based on your group's plans, goals or concerns.  This can be especially helpful to combat writer's block or for a marketing/communications team project prep. 

This all-levels workshop is specifically for office workers or long commuters and will provide an opportunity to stretch and strengthen the muscles that are impacted from sitting too much.  With a focus on the wrists and low back, participants will leave with specific tips and techniques for at-home stretches and at-desk stretches as well.    

Utilizing the wisdom and research from Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle by Emily and Amelia Nagoski, this workshop will showcase the 7 specific strategies to deal with stress and 3 specific strategies to deal with the stressors. There will be time to practice a few of the techniques so every person will leave with 10 proven tips to avoid burnout. This is great for companies with a fast-paced environment or businesses seeking to ensure their employees are less stressed and more effective in their work.

A Learning Circle is a space to build courage, compassion, and connection. Similar to a book club, as we often use someone's writing and stories via books/articles/etc. to frame the conversation, but unique in that there is a self-study twist. Participants are encouraged to engage in their own journaling as well as simple breathing techniques during the circle while reflecting and sharing in community.  Fragile Thoughts: a healing memoir - Katie's first book - can be used or another book based on the needs and goals of the group.

Team Building and Skill Building:

From assessing strengths and challenges, to building skills around communication or resiliency, to values clarification and everything in between, there are simply too many to list here so just reach out and let Katie Bean know what you are looking for and she will suggest various options for your team. Email for more information.

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