Photo Caption History

Order of Appearance of Pictures and Their Captions

WEB EDITOR'S NOTE: Photos only appeared in the original newspaper article published in the Daily Journal.

1) Sketch of Lawrence Babst

Lawrence Babst circa 1880. - Portrait and Biographical Record of Kankakee County. 1893.Chicago, IL.

2) Picture of Kankakee Band at Buckingham

The Kankakee Band entertained near the Buckingham depot on Sept. 16, 1909. The town was having a picnic with a ball game and street entertainment. - Betty Jean Wilkens Collection; Days Gone By: A Pictorial History of Kankakee County. 1977.

3) The Kankakee Municipal Band Seated at the Luna Theater in 1922. Members of the band are as follows, left to right: seated - Carl Wolf, George Walker, Wally Kershaw, Delbert Sellers, Director Curt Weihe, Greer McElwain, John Steinbach, Fred Ashby, Jerry Goddard, Dennis Lind, William Betourne, Bradley Marcotte, Joseph Olliver, Joseph Tolson, William Dressler, Paul Rebholz, Clarence Cheffer, Ray Wullf and Earl Harper; standing - William Richter, Roy Morrisette, Alpha Carpenter, George Freborg, Emory Voss Sr. and Elwyn Ingalls. Claude Bruner was absent when the photograph was taken. Used by permission of the Kankakee County Historical Society.

4) Picture of Ed Daniel and Band (If found) - Kankakee County Historical Society.

5) Picture of Lloyd Higgerson with Band at the Portico - Journal Photo from 1971

6) Picture of Joe Grzelak with Band at the Portico -

Joe Grzelak Conducts the band at the Portico of the Civic Auditorium at the Governor Small Memorial Park, July 11, 1976. - Donated to the Municipal Band by Loretta Grzelak.

7) Picture of Joe Grzelak with Band at the Bird Park Prior to the Canopy

The Municipal Band performing at Bird Park before the completion of the canopy, July 7, 1978. - Donated to the Municipal Band by Loretta Grzelak.

8) Journal Candid Photo of Grzelak

9) Journal Candid Photo of Huber

10) Journal Photo of Huber with Band