Music Under the Stars: 
A History of the Kankakee Municipal Band

The Kankakee Muncipal Band has a rich history that can be viewed through the eyes of members.  Please enjoy articles and letters written by former band members.

We are continuing to update our "History", so if you have anything to contribute, please send a message to Heather at hcrooks611@gmail.com. 

Emeritus Conductors

 2014 Mike Snyder, Bill Dyche, Keith Ramsden, Dan Lesch, Justin Gund, Steve Betz, Randy King, David Conrad, Amy Shinabarger, Dan Christ, Dan Tripp, J. Colbert, Rod Williams
2005 - 2014 Neal McMullian
1990-2004Harold Huber
1973-1989Joe Grezlak

Honorary Lifetime Members

35 years
Jerry Anderson, Trombone
42 years
Ray LaCoste, Saxophone


Past Presidents (under development)
2009 - PresentVoneda Denault
2003-2008 David Conrad
1999-2002 Julie Bisaillon
1997-1998 Brad Reel
??? Frances Smet-Mehrer
??? Ray LaCoste
??? Carl Wolf