Psalm 145: I will praise Your name / Compasivo, Merciful

Ps145IWillPraiseYourName: Responsorial psalm for 5th Sunday of Easter (C)

Demo (about demos)

Ps145IWillPraiseYourName31: Responsorial psalm for 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) and 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A): It has a little different refrain, but the one above also works. Two verses are the same as the above, and the other two are similar. Demo

Ps145CompasivoMerciful1: Responsorial psalm for Wednesday, 4th week of Lent (based on the same tune), English/Spanish verses, 4/4. Demo

Ps145CompasivoMerciful2 (demo): Same psalm, bilingual verses flipped, 6/8, related tune. Note the 3 antiphon options (bilingual, Spanish, English); for the English one, shorten the rest at the end of the verses. For an all-English setting, take verses 1 and 2 from Ps145CompasivoMerciful3 below plus the English antiphon. Or mix'n'match by replacing verse 1 or verse 3 with its counterpart from Ps145CompasivoMerciful3 (using any of the 3 antiphons) to get a setting with 2 English verses and 1 Spanish (vs. 2 Spanish, 1 English).

Ps145CompasivoMerciful3: Same psalm, bilingual verses as in original, 6/8, related tune, but I think this one is the loser because of v. 2.