El peregrino de Emaus


"What were you talking about on the road?" you asked, good friend, and you stopped me astonished on the roadside.

"Don't you know what happened there in Jerusalem to Jesus of Nazareth whom they crucified?" So I become sad in my village of Emmaus.

Refrain: On the road to Emmaus, a pilgrim was going with me. I didn't recognize him on the way, but now I do, in the breaking of the bread.

It's been three days since he died, and my hope has run out. Some women went to the tomb at dawn. Peter, John, and some others also looked for him today. Even more my confidence is gone; they didn't find Jesus. So I become sad in my village of Emmaus. Refrain

"What slow hearts, what ignorance of what the law and prophets announced: that the Messiah should suffer

and to be glorified choose affliction." In the afternoon of that day, I felt that with Jesus our hearts were burning in view of Emmaus. Refrain

He motioned to continue beyond our village, and the light of the setting sun seemed to be dying. "Stay, stranger; come to the table and bless!" And in the flash of light in the blessing of the bread, my eyes recognized the Friend of Emmaus. Refrain