In the image of God

On 10/28/17 I was happy to meet composer Lauren Williamson and learn about this life-affirming song of hers. Hear it here, or download the bilingual version below, and read the lyrics and "backstory" below! Blessings on all human lives from conception to natural death...

In the Image of God

Lauren Williamson

Intro: Baby Baby within me, Can you hear me baby baby?....

Verse: God made us, creates us… so perfectly

And He wove us and knit us so delicately…

We are fearfully and wonderfully made...

In the Image of God.

Bridge: He made my heart and mind in my mother’s womb

With Intricate design like on a weaver's loom

Before the world began, He knew my name

This is why I love you Lord, oh my soul proclaim...

Chorus: Baby- Baby within me,

Can you hear me baby- baby?

'Cause I love you, love you, love you...

Within me, within me, within me...

A life inside my life, a soul beside my soul,

a heart beside my heart.

What is this gift that God has given to me?

What a great gift... that God ...has given... to

Repeat Bridge and Verse, then end.

Copyright copyright; 2016 Lauren Williamson. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Backstory: In 1978 I was about to deliver my child Joseph by Caesarean section on the same birthday as my mother’s, but little Joe didn’t want to be lifted out; the doctor and nurses laughed, for he was holding on for dear life… and would cry every time the doctor tried. So, I said, let me sing to him… so everyone became quiet as I started singing the tune I had hummed and played the guitar the last months he was in my womb. It was amazing! Little Joe suddenly calmed right down, and they placed him right into my arms just as calm as can be! I blessed him with holy water and dedicated him to God.

Last September 2016, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I heard, ”Finish the song you sang your son in 1978! Make it a pro-life song! Then for inspiration I opened up to Psalm 139:14a. and rejoiced, reading “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God.” That’s the name: “Made in the Image of God.” I finished it the day I was inspired; it flowed out within minutes.

Love in Christ, Lauren Williamson