Nada te turbe translation

English translation of St. Teresa of Ávila's prayer, Nada te turbe:

Let nothing disturb you, nothing distress you.

Everything passes; God never changes.

Patience overcomes everything.

Whoever has God lacks nothing;

God alone suffices.

Elevate your thinking; let it rise to heaven.

Let nothing grieve you, nothing disturb you.

Follow Jesus Christ with your whole heart,

and, come what may, let nothing frighten you.

Do you see the glory of the world? It's vain glory.

It has nothing stable; everything passes.

Aspire to heavenly things that last forever.

Faithful and rich in promises,

God never changes.

Love that which deserves immense goodness:

There is no true love without patience.

Trust and living faith keep the soul;

Whoever believes and hopes obtains all.

Though you may see yourself harassed from Hell,

Whoever possesses God will mock its fury.

Let abandonment, crosses, and adversity come;

With God as your treasure, you lack nothing.

Go, then, worldly goods;

Go away, vanities.

Even if everything is lost,

God alone suffices.

Sr. Rosanne, thanks for your help with this!