Welcome to my home page of stuff that I collected and restored over the years.

Over the years I have collected radios (since high school), pocket hearing aids, televisions, oscilloscopes, mini lasers and home vaporizers. Many of these items are what some called dead technology or closed technology, meaning the type of technology used to make the product has gone as far as it can at this time and no longer used in mass production, like vacuum tubes. A lot of this "STUFF" would wind up in the land fill if there wasn't anyone who knew how they work. So like an animal rescue center, I and others restore them and make them work again and hopefully will someday go to another collector to keep them going. Problem with dead technology, when it's "GONE" it really is "GONE" for good!  

Hope you'll enjoy the trip back in time! Come back as often as you like!
                                               John Eng  KK6DGT

      Me, at the 2014 Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, CA

            Featured Exhibitor- Radios of the Depression

John Eng's Dead Tech Rescue Search Contents

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      SPECIAL FEATURE- Restoration of 1950-51 RCA Victor TC-125 12" Console- Last of the "roundie" tube tvs:  RESTORE RCA TC-125 Console

Examples of why I want to save this "stuff"

Hoffman K1919 (1960) 
19 inch diagonal Portable BW Television

Hoffman Model K1919

nickname "9TEEN"
 Black and White Television (TV) Made in 1960. Has 15 Tubes with a 19 inch diagonal picture tube. Weighs about 65 pounds
and is considered a portable. Has no UHF tuner (Channels 15-69) that cost extra.  Restored 2011 See videos on restoring a TV like this.

Saving vintage tech becomes more rewarding when you find out its "ROOTS"
The TV originally belonged to George Fowler's Dad, George comments:

This set was actually in a vacation home my dad had in Las Vegas, NV for 40 years, before we sold the property in 2005
. I was always kind of sentimental about that TV since it was my dad's, and the memories I have of it going back so many years. It really gives me a feeling of satisfaction to know the little TV has a new life with a new found appreciation of it. Since we're planning to downsize to a smaller house, we'd have a real space problem unless we unload some things ahead of time, and I realized I just couldn't keep everything that meant something to me.

Look inside vintage technology-  Inside the Hoffman K1919

1. All electronics are hand installed.

2. All Vacuum Tubes except two silicon rectifier diodes
to save
some space

3. No integrated assemblies like modules, micro chips etc, all parts are discrete.

4. All metal frame and chassis except the back cover

5. Uses high voltage to operate picture (over 15,000 volts). The "cage" area contains parts that produce these voltages and is shielded for your protection. In some cases to provide protection from X-Rays that may be produced.

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