Welcome to my home page of stuff that I collected and restored over the years.

Me, at the 2017 Orange County Fair 
in Costa Mesa, CA  
Featured Exhibitor- Radios and Televisions 
of The Atomic Age 1945-1960

Over the years I have collected radios (since high school), pocket hearing aids, televisions, oscilloscopes, mini lasers and home vapori
zers. Many of these items are what some c
alled dead technology or closed technology, meaning the type of technology used to make t
he product has gone as far as it can at this time and no longer used in mass production, like vacuum tubes. A lot of this "STUFF" would wind up in the land fill if there wasn't anyone who knew how they work. So like an animal rescue center, I and others restore them and make them work again and hopefully will someday go to another collector to keep them going. Problem with dead technology, when it's "GONE" it really is "GONE" for good!   
John Eng KK6DGT

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Examples of why I want to save this "stuff"


1937 Troy 59PC Phonograph Radio Combo
Troy Radio was one of many small radio manufacturers based in Los Angeles. Finding LA made radios is a treasure as they are fairly rare to find. Troy Radio was named after the USC Trojans football team and they gave out Trojan football schedules

Restored August 2015

This was a complete restoration. Cabinet restored to original appearance. Motor rebuilt and all electronics hidden or not fitted with modern parts but hidden in original cases.

1950 RCA TC-125 (Chassis KCS-34B)
12 Inch Diagonal Console
Restored February 2015
The circuit design in this TV established RCA as the leader as a television maker. They steered the course of TV by providing this design to their competitors royalty free!

This was a near complete restoration. Areas that are visible (cabinet and visible electronics) are kept original as much as possible but electronic components hidden away are directly replaced with modern components.
Other Vintage Electronics

1984 IBM PC Portable
This was one of the first portable personal computers made. Has a built in 9 inch monochrome CRT monitor, fold down keyboard, two 5.25" floppy disks, and a maximum of 512 KB of RAM memory. Weighs about 30 pounds. The body, frame, handle and keyboard frame is all metal. Was built to last.  This one has no hard drive, boot up is through a floppy disk (I have the original IBM PC-DOS 3.0 disk). IBM chose the INTEL 8088 microprocessor chip.

This was repaired. Meaning a bad component or unit was found bad and replaced with a new one but may not be the original replacement. This unit basically is new enough where major rework is not needed at this time.
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