NOT IN MY NAME. Peace with justice for all requires Israeli withdrawal from Occupied Territories

Not in My Name  is a largely Jewish organization committed to peace and justice  for all in the Holy Land and demanding an end to the Israeli Occupation (see: ).


Not in My Name, “Where we stand. Common ground”: “Not In My Name, as a predominantly Jewish organization, is deeply committed to a peaceful and just resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, a resolution that will provide safety, security and freedom for Jews, Palestinians, and all others living in this region.  We believe that such a peace can only be achieved when Israel withdraws from its settlements in the Palestinian territories and addresses the legitimate national and human rights of the Palestinian people.  We do not accept that Jewish survival depends on unconditional support for the Israeli government and its policies.  Rather we believe that the future safety and survival of our people rests on our ability to live in peace with our neighbors and to work to ensure justice and security for all people.” [1].


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