JEWS AGAINST THE OCCUPATION – SYDNEY. JAO-Sydney: peace and justice behind 1967 borders

Jews Against the Occupation – Sydney (JAO-Sydney) are e a diverse group of Jews in Sydney, Australia, who want peace and oppose the continuing Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories (see: ).

Jews Against the Occupation – Sydney (JAO-Sydney): “ What we stand for. We are a diverse group of Jews in Sydney, Australia, who oppose the continuing Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. We support a non-violent negotiated settlement to the conflict. Current and earlier peace frameworks have failed to deliver justice or security for either Palestinians or Israelis. A peaceful, just resolution cannot occur until the Israeli government withdraws all forces and settlements in line with the 1967 borders. Our activities include: providing an alternative and radical Jewish voice; opening dialogues with Palestinians, Jews and others in Australia working towards a just settlement of the conflict; disseminating information and challenging myths about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; broadening public debate on issues of Israel and Palestine; building links with other Jewish groups in Australia and worldwide seeking to end the occupation We are committed to: Withdrawal of the Israeli army from territories occupied in 1967. The immediate establishment of an international peacekeeping force to end the cycle of violence. An immediate resumption of negotiations aimed at the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel based on the pre-1967 borders, with Jerusalem as the capital of both states. The end of both state-sanctioned violence, including torture and targeted assassinations, and terrorist attacks against civilians. An immediate dismantling of the Separation Wall. The removal of all Israeli settlements from the occupied territories. A just resolution to the situation of Palestinian refugees with the right of return and/or compensation, details subject to agreement between the 2 parties. Social justice for Palestinian Israelis and an end to discrimination against them.” [1].

Vivienne Porzsolt, a spokesperson for Jews Against the Occupation – Sydney re rescinding of an invitation for Professor Jeff Halper (Coordinator of the Israeli Committee against Housing Demolitions , ICAHD).to speak at the Emanuel Synagogue, Woollahra, Sydney: “It is regrettable that yet once again the power brokers of the Jewish community are seeking to block open discussion about Israel. This is self-defeating as the realities of Israel’s brutal occupation and ongoing dispossession of the Palestinians are to be seen every day in our media. These acts of censorship bring no credit on our community and can only provoke the antisemitism they are supposed to avoid.” [2].

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