FINKELSTEIN, Norman. Anti-Zionist scholar supports divestment from war criminal Israel

Professor Norman Finkelstein is an outstanding, world-famous Jewish American scholar and the author of numerous books, most notably “The Holocaust Industry”. He was punished for his humane and scholarly criticism of Israel human rights abuses by being terminated at Chicago’s Catholic De Paul University (2007). He was arrested, imprisoned, deported and forbidden to return by Apartheid Israel in 2008 (for biographical details see Wikipedia: ).

Professor Norman Finkelstein, to Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), a New Hampshire student group promoting disinvestment in Israel: “I strongly support this statement. Israel’s settlement policy in the Occupied Territories is a war crime. The wall Israel has been building in the Occupied Territories is designed to incorporate these illegal settlements. The final five-point itemization of your statement makes unambiguously clear that anyone who opposes such divestment supports war crimes.”  [1].

[1]. Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), a New Hampshire student group promoting divestment in Israel, “Endorsements“, 2009: .

Norman Finkelstein: "I have to ask a simple question: which leader of another American ally has appointed a man who favors genocide and ethnic cleansing as the deputy speaker of the legislature? Which other democracy has legitimate political parties in the governing coalition calling for permanent occupation of a neighboring state – and deliberate social engineering to create a new demographic ethnic reality in that conquered land? Putin’s Russia has not sunk that low. And we are not merely talking about a hypothetical situation. The grotesque death toll from Gaza is a distillation of this mindset – revealing at best a chilling contempt for Arab life and at worst, with the shelling of schools and shelters, a policy of indiscriminate hatred and revenge. Yes, killing women and children in shelters is about as low as you can get in wartime. As the State Department, in a rare moment of public candor, noted, it is appalling and disgraceful. To see in front of one’s nose is a constant struggle. But I see evil in front of noses here – and evil that is gaining strength because of willful American blindness" (Jewish Intellectuals Who Have Opposed Zionism and/or Israeli Racism, Injustices, Occupation, Apartheid and/or Ethnic Cleansing”, Hypertext: ).