Dutch Stories of his most famous region

Amersfoort, October 2016

Everything is ordinary to us until we get know its history. We start to see things differently when we do get a glimpse of its past. The Netherlands has many beautiful areas and prominent places, but if there is a region that really catches the eye, it is the Gooi. This place started to be popular because of the famous TV series in Netherlands, ""Gooische Vrouwen"" (Gooi Women). In this book, you will get to know the Gooi in a different way. This book covers the topics about credit crisis, retirees, and much more about the Gooi. This book will take you on a trip to the Gooi in a way of having fact and fiction intertwined. Do not take everything that's on here literally, because the author has such vivid imagination!

ISBN/EAN: 978-1539696698, 166 pages.


Reprint of "The Thinker Tells".

Available on Amazon.de in print for € 9,53, with no cost for sending to the Netherlands and an E-book in format Kindle on Amazon.nl for € 4,99.