In English

An American publisher asked the author for permission to translate some of his books in English and then spend them in the English language areas. This honorable request he gladly gave his consent.

  • The book "The Thinker Tells" in the English language is ready, see below. Now reprinted with the title "Dutch Stories of his most famous region"
  • A few month later was "Pensionado" also in English translated.
  • A lecture held over ¨Rituals and Freemasonry¨ is also availeble.
  • In April 2018 the book "Going Home" leads us through America.

16-year-old Merry comes home from school and finds a note from her mother, saying that she's left home to start a new life. Merry and her two brothers are on their own.

Afraid that they'll be put in foster care if anyone finds out, Merry and her 17-year-old brother Zach agree to tell no one that their mother is gone.

As Merry and Zach struggle to manage the household on their own, their younger brother's preschool teacher notices that something is wrong and starts nosing around.

Meanwhile, Merry and Zach are discovering details of their mother's secret life...

Everything is ordinary to us until we get know its history. We start to see things differently when we do get a glimpse of its past. The Netherlands has many beautiful areas and prominent places, but if there is a region that really catches the eye, it is the Gooi. This place started to be popular because of the famous TV series in Netherlands, ""Gooische Vrouwen"" (Gooi Women). In this book, you will get to know the Gooi in a different way. This book covers the topics about credit crisis, retirees, and much more about the Gooi. \

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This book is the introduce of the Banker couple Lister which until now could lead their own lives, but that after the retirement of the man is faced with the life of the partner, which up until now for the other was unknown.

Both of them have a picture of their life after the retirement what opposite shows, and as a result of this drawn them in a deep crisis, but after much struggle and through deep valleys they come to the solution from a very unexpected angle.

Rituals we all know them in the daily live, but what do they mean, especially in the Freemasonry? And how can they help us on that difficult path of life?

Freemasonry is surrounded by many secrets, but the truth is simpler than the rumors would have us believe. Freemasonry is about finding freedom and overcoming fear. It transcends all religions and all religions could have a place in it. Freemasonry teaches us a different way of working so we can better face the challenges of life.

It is working for a greater goal: A better world in which the modern man can function optimally.