High-Calorie Journalism (Food)

I remember weighing 50 pounds in the 4th grade and being taller than my teacher. I wasn't a string bean. I didn't have enough curves to be called that. I was a pole. Genetically, I was a Pole. My dad's Polish. My mom Irish. You can image the bad meals I was subjected to as a child, so I only ate to fuel up enough to play the next game of basketball. Or volleyball. Or swim. Then, very late in my youth (around 50), I discovered that food can have flavor. I started paying attention. Along the way, I've found that some of the most inventive people in the world have wrapped their imaginations around finding the best ingredients, preparing them tenderly, serving them lovingly and enjoying other people's reaction to their gift. Does spending three days hunting for truffles make me a trufflier? No. But do I have stories...(Photo of scallops wrapped in angel hair pasta on a bed of spinach with truffle) Check out the stories in the subpages below.