Administrative Information - Short Courses

Entry Requirements

There are no entrance requirements for the Short Courses.


Students who wish to enroll for a Short Course must obtain an application form from I.S.T.T. This must be completed and returned to I.S.T.T. together with any requested supporting documentation.

Method of Instruction

All courses are offered through the medium of distance education. Theoretical assignments that have to be submitted for evaluation, and electronic communication with I.S.T.T. training staff compliment the distance learning process. One of the advantages of studying while remaining at the place of employment is that the learning process is reinforced daily with direct comparisons possible between what is being studied and what actually happens in the workplace.

Language Medium

All study material is available in English only. Students must submit assignment and examination answers in English only.


Students on the Short Courses have to complete one assignment. This can be submitted electronically or by post to I.S.T.T. for evaluation. The mark obtained counts towards the overall course mark.


Most examinations are written at the company where you work. If you are a private student, you will need to arrange an examination venue that is acceptable to ISTT, and confirm arrangements with ISTT prior to writing the examination. The examination will be written under strict examination conditions. The overall pass mark for the Short Courses is 50%. The examinations are externally examined by international technical experts.

Students who do not pass the course will be given the opportunity to rewrite the examination at a later date. A rewrite fee (25% of course fee plus venue and external examiner fee) will be charged.

At this stage, there is no examination for the Gameskin and Nguni Hair-on Tanning course.

Practical Work

The Short Courses do not have a practical component, except for the Gameskin and Nguni Hair-on Tanning course. These are theoretical courses only.

The Gameskin and Nguni Hair-on Tanning course has an optional one week practical course at ISTT in Grahamstown. On the Practical Course, students will carry out practical work related to the course that they are studying. This is a hands-on practical course where students are expected to process some gameskins under the supervision of ISTT staff. Students should therefore bring with them overalls, boots, gloves, pen, paper, ruler, calculator and their course notes when attending the practical course.

The course fees include the tuition cost of the Practical Course, but exclude the cost of accommodation and meals.


Students who successfully pass the Short Courses will be awarded a certificate from I.S.T.T.