Module 5



This module covers the tanning of hides and skins using chemicals other than chrome as the tanning agent.

The processes used, the chemistry or biochemistry of the processes, the function of the chemicals used in the processes, equipment modifications that may be necessary in order to use the processes, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the different non-chrome tanning methods listed below are covered in detail.

The following are covered in this module:

Vegetable tanning in pits

Vegetable tanning in drums

Chamois tanning

Aluminium tanning

Zirconium tanning

Titanium tanning

Iron tanning

Wet white tanning

Oxazolidine tanning

Phosphonium tanning

Sodium silicate tanning

Combination tannages based on combinations of the above chemicals

The tanning of hair on hides and skins and wool-on sheepskins also forms part of the curriculum.