ISACM Elections

Post date: Jul 4, 2013 7:34:21 AM

Dear members of ISACM

Elections for the five positions on the ISACM executive committee will open on 14 July and close on 30 July 2013. The Executive Committee reminds the active members of ISACM for the right to selfnominate him or her for the Executive Committee election. Those who wish to be a candidate should file one's candidacy by 7 July 2013. The list of candidates is distributed after the self-nomination ends.

Each active member of ISACM is entitled to cast five electronic (e-mail) votes for members of Executive Committee. Cumulative voting is not permitted (i.e., a member may not cast more than one vote for a candidate. Members should confirm their membership by 7 July 2013.

The votes should be sent to the address The results will be announced in the Business Meeting of ISACM 2013.

Takashi Nagamine

Chairman, ISACM