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ISACM 2015 Meeting, Helsinki

Program and Abstracts

ISACM 2013 Meeting, Sapporo

Bowyer S: "Choral Speech Effects on Stuttering"

Rampp S: "MEG Correlates of Epileptic High Gamma Oscillations in invasive EEG"

BioMag 2012, Paris

Rampp S: "High Frequency MEG Oscillations and Epileptogenesis"

ISACM 2011 Meeting, Las Vegas

Bowyer S: "Other Application for Speech and Language Processes"

Funke M: "Anatomy of a Spike on MEG"

Paetau R: "Developmental Considerations of Clinical MEG"

Rampp S: "Effects of Medication"

Rampp S: "Combining EEG and MEG"

Roberts T: "Future Directions/Sources of Revenue: Translational"

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