Getting Ready 

Unless otherwise noted, all photography by STUDIO ATG

Wedding Day Morning 

We partied a bit too hard on Friday night, here's the proof, and on Wedding Day morning..ugh! After breakfast, I kicked him out to go get ready in a suite at the Venetian because we had a very strict schedule to adhere to, as you can see. Breakfast images by IndieOscar All other images are by Studio ATG

The Groom

 No, he's not as scary as his tattoo.


But, thankfully, he chose to cover it up for the ceremony.


See, he's really very handsome.  


 But he has some scary friends!  : )


Nah, they aren't really THAT scary.



Apparently, they were making up naughty songs about Patrick and me!  (must've been really funny too, because I can see Patrick's fillings with this laugh!)


 "hmmmm, I don't have to wear a tie for work, so


  how do I do this again?"

Apparently, there was a huge debate about how to fold and position the pocket square. 



 "Hallelujah, I folded the pocket square!" 


 In the end, he didn't even wear it.

Indie and Oscar made him a card and

bought him some custom "pup-links" to wear for the ceremony.   The scratch paper looking thing is a note from me. He knows what it means, and it says it all!

 This is Oscar.

 And this is Indie.


In case he wasn't "feeling" the dog links, I bought him another pair sculpted by a very talented friend. 


Of course, he chose the pups!

 They were a hit!

  One last look in the mirror.


 Everyone approved.


"I'm really nervous, so  I think I'll check my email!" 

(Maybe he was "knotting", which is what I was doing beforehand, lol!)

Patrick's sister: "Patrick, do you have the tip envelopes?"  

Patrick: "Yes" 

Patrick's sister: "Are you sure?" 

Patrick: "Positive"

Patrick's sister: "Good, because i don't want to have to haul ass back over here"

Patrick: "I absolutely have them, relax!"

Patrick's sister: "Okay, good."

Guess what Patrick forgot?


  AND, there it is, the "I know I'm forgetting something" face. 

 I've seen this face many, many times.

And AWAY he goes!  

The Bride

This bathroom ROCKED!  (bigger than our old New York apartment, but what isn't?)






 "So, what else do you have in your magic bag?"  (what the hell is this face I'm making?)

We should have stopped right there with the hair. 


This is one of the 2 people I allowed in my suite while I was getting ready.   


She's one of the most calming people I know.  

See her glass?  It's full!   

See mine?  It's empty!

 What can I say?  Nerves.




 On with the veil!


Wasn't going to wear it, but I'm glad I did.

See, the hair got a little too big! 



 We were rocking out to my random i-pod mix.  Everything from Billy Squire to Elton John to New Order to Portishead to Jay-Z.  I know, I know, I have crazy taste in music.

Everyone has a "holding the boobs" shot, right?  Or, is that just me?


So, I wanted that great "must have" image of the dress being zipped up.  So why don't I have that picture?


Well, when the zipper was down, you saw those ugly-ass (but totally necessary) high rise Spanx that were sucking in my hips and waist, and from the back (w/ the zipper down), of course, it looked ridiculous!


LINDSEY:  "OMG. girls, there is a speck of something black at the bottom of my dress, remove it immediately, you peasants!"  Honestly, I have no idea what the heck I'm pointing at nor do I know why I'm pointing in the first place.


 YAY, pretty, pretty Choos!  BOO, pale, pale legs!


LINDSEY:  "Ladies, re-pin my veil!" 

Lindsey's friends: "Why?"

LINDSEY: "I don't know... because I'm nervous!"  

Does this exchange make sense?  NO!

What's the point?  You will speak jibberish on your wedding day.  Logic and rationale are non-existent.  You've been warned.


The florist brought the flowers to our suite.  The left bouquet is what our sister's carried, and if you look closely, you can see the charm that I had attached to the wrap, their first initial.  The two flower stem bouquet on the right was to be carried by my niece, and she was soooooo excited to carry something!  :)


My gorgeous bouquet, with the charms, but there are better photos of it on the next page.

 My niece and nephew came up to the room to get their flowers and say hello.

 She's going to be trouble when she gets older.

He's already trouble now.

And, I know they both take after me!  : )

And AWAY she goes!