VEGAS KNOTTIES: THANK YOU to all the Los Angeles and Las Vegas Knotties who've helped me along the way, I would not have been able to plan this shin-dig without you! Vegas Knotties Listed by Site OR Vegas Knotties Listed by Date

Ceremony and Reception Location:TRYST, the nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas. The staff at this place is amazing from the special events manager to the cocktail servers, they were all easy to work with, attentive and quick to respond to even the most ridiculous request (and I made a ton of them). We had been at Tryst on Friday around 4:30pm for our run-through and the place was a total disaster from the club the night before. So, since our wedding was at 4:30pm on Saturday, I was terrified it wouldn't be cleaned and set up, etc. But, the place was impeccable when we arrived on Saturday. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful and fun location, with the best people ever.

Coordinators: Mildred, Jalan and Becky for Wynn Las Vegas; Eric and Michael for Tryst. I was nervous about Mildred at first because her initial email to me was SOOOO formal and SOOOOO professional that I thought there was no way I was going to get along with her. Turns out, she is the sassiest, funniest lady ever and we got along like old pals, I'll definitely stay in touch with her. Jalan was her assistant during most of our planning, and I was again nervous when Jalan was promoted to coordinator (YEAH, JALAN!) and Mildred got a new assistant, Becky. But, everything worked out great. All three ladies were present on my wedding day to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Mildred was phenomenal and even made sure I had lip gloss on all night. Logistically, everything went mostly according to plan. However, when the flowers were being distributed before the ceremony, one of my nephews didn't receive his bout even after he asked where his was. Apparently, someone told him, "no, you don't get one", even though my other nephew and my niece were being given their flowers. I was very specific about who received flowers, I even made sure to give the coordinators the kids' names. To make matters worse, this same nephew was left out of the processional, even though the other 2 kids were in the line up. By the time I realized he wasn't there (the processional was about to begin), it was too late. This was a pretty big mistake, and his feelings were really hurt because he thought I intentionally left him out, but it's nothing that a new video game and some fast food couldn't remedy (so that's what I did to make it up to him). As for Eric and Michael at Tryst, I wouldn't have been able to do this without them. I am forever in their debt for their kindness and assistance in planning this wedding.

Officiant: Rev. Ed. I completely rearranged and condensed his entire ceremony format (because I have a TYPE-A personality) and because his version was way to long for our taste. Well, he was fine, but obviously didn't read my version prior to our ceremony because he stumbled quite a bit, etc. I didn't really care that much though as it was the shortest part of the entire day, and I doubt anyone will even remember it.

Photographer:StudioATG All I can say is that Trish and Jared are the awesome-est, most talented photographers ever! They weren't intrusive at all and I practically didn't even notice them there. I can't compliment these two enough or say enough great things about them, so I'll just let the photos speak for themselves. (I wish I would have smiled more in my photographs, I think I look a little too serious, but that's my fault, not theirs).

Bridal Hair/Make-up: James from Glamsquad Let me start by saying that I loved the hair/make-up trial with James. As for my wedding day, the only thing I requested which changed from my trial was that I wanted to wear my hair down instead of half-up / half down. BUT, I have to say, contrary to all the amazing reviews on this site for James, I was so NOT blown away with my wedding day hair and make up.  Perhaps my disappointment is because I spent countless hours collecting inspirational photos of how I wanted my hair and make up, which I showed James on my computer when he arrived to my room. IMO, I didn't resemble any of these pictures (I didn't even resemble my trial!)  ...yeah, I know I'll never look like Charlize Theron, but I thought my make up would at least resemble the hair and make up photos I showed him for my hair trial...but ALAS, I did not.   Here's a few things that stand out for me: 1) My hair felt crunchy from all the spray, but it looked good in the pre-ceremony photos, so I'm fine with it, whatever. However, I expected that with all that spray, the style (and wave and curls) would hold longer than an hour and a half, which it didn't; 2) James uses the fake eyelashes on a strip instead of the individual fake lashes, which I requested, and which some of his other make-up artists use (see SIL H/MU, below); 3) James never talked to me about what I wanted or what might look best on me...???, he literally walked in, said next to nothing and made ME feel uncomfortable on my wedding day... (yeah, and then I had to pay him for insulting...);  4) I had to change the placement of my veil because he could have cared less where he placed it, which was totally in the WRONG place; 5) my lipstick was in a coral color only reserved for women over the age of 65 (but of course I didn't know this, because he wouldn't let me look in the mirror); and  (6) my lip liner was noticeably crooked, which, THANKFULLY, my sister noticed and fixed (unfortunately, she only fixed it AFTER we took our pre-ceremony photos...).  By the time I had a chance to recognize any of this, James was already gone from my room. (He must be really "busy", because he barely said two words to me.  At the end of the day, he made me feel like "just another bride" in his very busy day... WOULD I RECOMMEND GLAMSQUAD?  MAYBE.  If you're on a budget and just want the bare bones of hair and make up, then fine... GS is your company.  Otherwise, NO!  If you want to look and feel gorgeous and feel like the princess that you should on your wedding day, then NO, I would not recommend James or Glamsquad.  Email me if you have other questions. 

SIL Hair/Make-up: Chris (Hair) and Esther (Make-up) from Glamsquad My SIL looked amazing, she isn't a make-up person at all and looked awesome. Both Chris and Esther arrived on time, got to work quickly and were very pleasant. Also, Esther uses the individually applied fake eyelashes, which last longer than the strip-type... (see above review for my FULL review of this company.  

UPDATE:  Veronica at Make Up to Remember :  I returned to Las Vegas in August of 2008 for a fun weekend trip with my DH and a few fellow knottie friends and thought it would be fun to get my hair and make up done by the person who my photographers had originally suggested I use on my wedding day.  I couldn't have been happier with my hair and make up on both Friday and Saturday night.  Veronica was prompt, professional, personable (without being "chatty").  Her hair stylist, Katie, was phenomenal.  She took a look at a few pictures I had with me and she literally recreated the look to perfection, and they stayed in tact all night long.  The only thing that made me sad was that they weren't available on my wedding day.  However, I plan to use Veronica and Katie again whenever I go to Vegas as a treat for myself.  I literally felt the prettiest I've ever felt in my whole life.  It was amazing.  I would definitely recommend Veronica to any bride who wants to look and feel their best without having to worry about whether someone else would be having an "off" day.  Her prices are only slightly more expensive than Glamsquad, but she's willing to discuss "group rates" (I only know this because I've booked her for a girls' weekend I'm taking with 7 girls in October, and we're all getting H/M-U done with Veronica.  Also, she doesn't check her email as quickly, so the best way to get in touch with her is by calling her.  I really can't say enough about Veronica and Katie, they are amazing! 

DJ/Entertainment: DJ Keoni a resident DJ at TRYST. He was great and played exactly the style of music we requested.

Dress Steaming: Debi at Fit For A Bride What a lovely person. She was punctual and steamed my dress and Patrick's formal attire beautifully.

Flowers: Wynn Las Vegas. My bouquet was gorgeous, as expected, but I specifically requested NO pink or yellow, both of which were included (but seeing the final product I didn't mind at all), and I specifically asked for certain darker colors and specific flowers, but they weren't included (again, I didn't mind at all when I saw the final result, it was gorgeous). The attendant bouquets were exactly as I envisioned them. The pedestal arrangements were gorgeous, the table arrangements were amazing and tables were strewn with petals. The bouts were fine. The candle luminaries that lined the aisle were stunning. I purchased some bouquet charms and a roll of satin ribbon on which they were supposed to hang, and I was very specific about this, I have no idea what happened to my ribbon and the charms were applied to the bouquets with a thin wire, which was a bit annoying. All in all, I am very happy with how the flowers came out. I'll post pictures of the other flower arrangements, etc. soon.

Catering: Elena was our catering coordinator at Wynn. Our guests ate very f*ing well, I've heard (I, of course, did not eat any of the glorious food we ordered). PSA: Don't forget to eat at your reception! Everything ran smoothly and I have nothing but awesome things to say about her.  I wish I'd made sure to get photos of the food, but alas, I never even really saw any of the stations.  In any event, this was our menu:

Cheese Station: Includes maytag blue, emmental swiss, brie, bermuda triangle, white vermont cheddar, asiago fresco, displayed with figs, pears, cantaloupe, nuts, lavosh, honeycomb, seasonal fruit
Crudite Station: Iincludes, baby carrots, diakon gaufrettes, radishes, heirloom peppers and 3 dipping sauces: blue cheese, herb ranch, lemon aioli
Passed Hors D'oeuvres:
Cold: Sicilian-style caponata of roasted vegetable on toasted herb crostini; Ahi poke in soup spoon
Hot: Crab cake w/ tarragon tartar; Vegetable spring rolls with soy ginger dipping sauce; Mini mushroom quiches.
Soup & Sandwich station: Creamy roasted heirloom tomato soup and Mini crouque monsieur
Pasta Station: choice of rigatoni bolognese or penne tomato and basil served with artisan breads
Chicken Station: Roasted organic chicken (butter based and garlic herb stuffed) served with creamy marscapone parmesan polenta, black truffle jus, watercress orange and shaved fennel salad
Sundae Station: hand crafted ice creams with choice of toppings: chocolate caramel, berry or espresso sauce; nuts, whipped cream, mini marshmallows, chocolate shavings, strawberries or brandied cherries.

Engagement Photo Session Location:The Boneyard, the place where all the amazing, old, neon signs are "laid to rest". We're actually doing our e-pix AFTER the wedding (we'll be so much more relaxed for the photos).

Rehearsal Dinner Restaurant:Maggianos Las Vegas We had our rehearsal dinner with 25 family members in the DiCarlo room. Great food and an overall great time. The service was quick, almost too quick! I hardly had a chance to try anything, because they kept picking up the plates to bring in the next course even while people were still eating. We had a ton of leftovers which I would have loved to take back to the room, but it's kind of my fault for not asking. I would suggest asking for the leftovers, if you want them or even think you'll want them, because you will have more food than you need, for sure.

Rehearsal Dinner Flowers:The Palette Great customer service, great prices and they looked exactly like the photo I sent to her. Very simple and elegant, nothing fancy, just something to brighten the tables a bit. photo above.

Rehearsal Dinner Groom's Cake: In the shape of a Denver Broncos football with their logo. Cake Designs (aka Cakes By Ruth). Everyone loved it. Marble cake with bavarian cream filling. It was adorable. photo above.

Wedding Cake:Cake Designs (aka Cakes By Ruth). Yum, and looked exactly the way I requested, I'll post photos soon. Top layer: cinnamon with bavarian cream; center layer: chocolate cake with chocolate mousse; bottom layer: marble cake with chocolate mousse. Great customer service, very sweet people and very well priced.

Wynn Medical Staff: Thank god that the Wynn has an on-staff doctor. As some of you may know, our wedding was supposed to be 2 years ago in Los Angeles. But, when my older sister was diagnosed with a very rare form of leukemia, we cancelled it to care for her. Because of the rarity of her illness, doctors will not ever be able to say her cancer is in remission, but she's not had any major complications for about a year. Then, the night before I was flying out to Vegas, my sister called Patrick to let him know that she'd been admitted to the hospital, and probably wouldn't be able to make it to the wedding (where she was scheduled to walk me down the aisle). Her primary care transplant doctor knew about our previous cancelled wedding and the reason why. He knew how important it was to her that she attend. So, in a super-sneak move, he telephoned the Wynn Medical Staff, arranged to have a HUGE box of intravenous medications and supplies sent to the Wynn to be administered by their medical staff every 4 hours (which is why in photos of my sister, she has what looks like an ace bandage heavily around her's covering her IV port). Because Wynn's medical staff agreed to administer her meds and care for her while in Vegas, my sister was able to fly from LA to Vegas on Saturday afternoon, arrived an hour before my wedding, and walked me down the aisle. It wasn't the ideal way I wanted my sister to attend my wedding with me, especially because right after the ceremony, she was escorted back to her room to receive treatment for the rest of the night...BOO! She was bummed that she wasn't able to enjoy her scheduled Glamsquad appointments, getting ready with me or the reception, BUT I would have been DEVASTATED if she hadn't made it to the ceremony. YAY for the miracles of modern medicine!

The BUFFET at Wynn: The best buffet in Vegas, IMHO. They accommodated our very large party without a reservation, and it all worked out great. The food is amazing.

Zoozacrackers at Wynn: Great New York style deli and they will make food "to-go" if you want to take it up to your room.

The Salon at Wynn: I didn't actually go into the spa part, but the salon was nice and clean. A bit overpriced, as are most hotel salons, but $120 for a classic manicure/pedicure is a bit excessive, and it wasn't anything spectacular. Suggestion: Go across the street to the Fashion Show Mall nail salon. It's probably cheaper.

Penske-Wynn Ferrari/Maserati:Ferrari Garage. We had our pre-ceremony photos taken here, and they were really nice. They actually closed the downstairs museum garage to the public for 30 minutes while we shot our bridal portraits. They said that we could sit inside the cars and they actually let us drive the cars out of their spaces to get the specific shots we wanted. Super cool!

V-BAR at Venetian: We had our "First Drink's On Us" Reception here after our Rehearsal Dinner. About 55 people showed up. Kelani was our contact and he couldn't have been cooler. He ended up hanging out with us on Thursday and Friday, and we asked him to crash our wedding on Saturday, which he did and it was awesome. He's an amazing promoter in Vegas and works a bunch of places there. Loved this guy!

IL MULINO: Our favorite NYC restaurant has a Vegas counterpart at Caesar's Palace. Amazing food, impeccable service, a little pricey, but well worth it.


Bridal Shop:
Lili Bridals My dress arrived a month early! After having been to almost every salon in SoCal, and I've had the best experience here. Lisa and Lara were both really nice (and there wasn't any "hard-sell") and the seamstress, Sonya, is a miracle worker, she made the exact bustle I requested (not an easy task).

Custom Embroidery (sweatsuit):Mr. Stitch Susan and Dean are awesome, they will customize anything, small order or bulk, and they are so nice.

Non-Wedding Dress Alterations:L.A. Knottie Janice74 Janice is great. She was in the middle of moving AND planning an LA knottie GTG at the time, and she was nice enough to work me into her schedule. Basically, I had her remove the hood from my new "Mrs. Sabatini" hoodie, because the custom embroidery job I had was covered by the stupid hood. A simple alteration, I'm sure, but she made all the stitching match and everything. I was pretty impressed. I plan on taking all of my "everyday alterations" to her as well.

Emergency Dermatologist:Dr. Anette Gottlieb. I had a stress breakout 2 days before I left for Vegas and I prayed that she had a miracle cream or pill that would fix it and y'know what? She did.

Southwest Airlines:Southwest Airlines Fine, it's an airline. No closets to hang up my dress, but I just laid it in an overhead bin.

Wagville:Wagville A holistic, cage free, doggy day care and boarding facility. We love this place. They have an attendant who stays at night in a bedroom that's decked out like a hotel room and the dogs sleep all over the bed and floor. Then during the day the dogs play in a huge area (big dogs and small dogs are separated) the size of an airplane hanger.

Jimmy Choo:Jimmy Choo Ahhhhh, Jimmy Choo's! That's all I have to say about that.  

Sculptured Cufflinks:Justice Bodan David Grieco, the owner of this amazing company, is a friend and sculptor. He sculpted a pair of citrus flower cufflinks as one of the 2 pair of cufflinks I gave to Patrick as his wedding gift. He does amazing work. Check out his site. There's a picture in my planning bio.  

Invitations:Paper Goose This is the greatest shop ever. It has everything, and the staff are incredible. We purchased both our rehearsal dinner invites and our wedding invites here, we LOVED how both turned out. I will definitely use this store again for any other stationary-type needs I may have in the future. They also sell all kinds of cool gifts and trinkets, it really is just a fun place to go and look at all the stuff they have. There's a picture in my planning bio of both invites.  

Jeweler:Philip Press Designed our rings. We love them, they are nice and pleasant. Probably a bit overpriced, but we decided it was worth it. And, I can go by anytime I want and have it cleaned for free in the super-cleaner thing, bonus! I'm sure lots of places will clean your ring for free, but I just love going into this place, their jewelry is so amazing!  

Jewelry Restoration & Repair: Valley Gem and Jewelry on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City. This place completely restored my grandmother's engagement ring for about $100 and in one day. (I wore this on my right hand as my "Something Old")  

Eyebrows: Anastasia Beverly Hills.  Tracy has been doing my brows for years and I wouldn't think to go anywhere else.  She's awesome.   

Hair Maintenance: Derek Smart at The Bungalow.  I wouldn't trust my locks to anyone else.  I'll never leave him. 

Teeth Whitening: Brite Smile Beverly Hills.  Fine.  It's teeth whitening.  It's tender for about a day after, but it works and it's quicker than the strips. 


Dress Donation: I donated my first dress (Yes, I'm a 2 dress bride...long story) to
Brides Against Breast Cancer

Charitable Registry: In lieu of gifts, we created a charitable registry and asked for donations to ASPCA, APLA, City of Hope and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. We volunteer for these organizations, which mean a lot to us. After 9 yrs. we don't need another toaster, blender or gravy boat...

Custom Stamps:Zazzle A great resource, you can download personal photos to create custom stamps and other paper items. Everyone loved our "welcome to fabulous las vegas" stamps. We downloaded a photo from istockphoto and had it turned into stamps for our STD's. Easy to order and the turnaround time was really fast. Picture in my planning bio.

Custom Embroidery (handkerchiefs):Monde Design Owned by Shelli Moon, who is responsive, nice and quick. After a little glitch in the shipping process (USPS problem, not Shelli's), I received these gorgeous items and the ladies who received them absolutely loved them. Picture in my planning bio

Favor Bags:Papermart I ordered 125 of the satin 5x8 bags in gold, ivory, silver, white and black and they arrived almost instantly. They have all different styles, etc. A great resource that sells in small or bulk amounts. Picture in my planning bio.

Custom Magnets:Magnet Street Very professional, arrived quickly and I love the finished product (picture in my planning bio).

Wedding CakeTopper:Wedding Cuts I literally ordered this on a Friday and it was at my office on Tuesday. It's gorgeous, picture in my planning bio.

Wedding Day Earrings:Emitations So happy with my wedding day choice, and honestly, some of the best fakes I've ever seen, no one could tell the difference. I will definitely order from them again.

Photo Cufflinks:Kathy Lo Patrick ended up wearing the photo cufflinks all night. I had pictures of each of our dogs put in them. There's a picture in my planning bio. I loved these and I saw a picture of Patrick opening these and he was crying, it was so cute.

Rehearsal Dinner Shoes:Zappos This was truly one of my favorite purchases of the whole wedding. They are made by "Oh Deer!", style name is "Jamocha". These arrived very quickly after I placed my order and I even had a sales representative call me to tell me they'd been shipped. Now that's customer service.