Decor and Details 

All photography by STUDIO ATG 


 The Location

The ceremony and the reception were held inside the club.


The candlelit aisle was a stunner.


The pedestal flower arrangements on either side of the "alter" were over the top.

Unfortunately we had to lose the aisle runner for the ceremony because Patrick slipped on it during set up.


The light fixtures are phenomenal and really added so much ambiance to the room.

The corridor through which our guests walked to enter the club and the start of my "aisle".  


The tables in the outer areas of the club and on the patio were set for bottle service.

It looked really cool and it was cheaper than paying for additional floral arrangements on 1000 tables.

The backdrop of the ceremony was this incredible waterfall.  It looked gorgeous at dusk, but it really glowed after sunset.

Calla lily petals were submerged in these floor luminaries, and sat in clusters all around the club.

The Flowers


Our table centerpieces consisted of white calla lily bouquets, hand-tied in a black and white corset wrap,

 with aubergine and white petals strewn around on the table tops

surrounded by glowing candles.  

My gorgeous bouquet and the charms that adorned it.

More shameless shots of my bouquet.


Our sisters carried this mix of callas, each had an initial charm.




These are the unbelievable pedestal arrangements sitting on each side of the "alter."

Simply breathtaking!

The Accessories

I was obsessed with my bustle, and yes, I consider it an accessory.

The quintessential blue crystals that bejeweled the soles of my Choos.




I requested that all the girls at our reception wear their classic Jimmy Choo's...  not really, but a few of them actually did wear the same Juliet style as mine.  I guess that's why I'm friends with them, lol!  

Oh yeah, and the dress... 


I bought two sets of cufflinks for Patrick and he correctly chose to wear those featuring our dogs.

Some bling shots.


It's really tough to see what my ring set looks like, but I promise you, it's bling-tastic!

This is a cute shot of our ringed hands, but really it's an even better shot of my final accessory....

my glass of chardonnay.

Everything Else


Our cake table was beautifully laid and surrounded by additional pedestal arrangements.


Another gorgeous shot. 


And, of course, you gotta have some "cake bling".

Our favors were arranged in the front room of the club, and the little silk favor bags consisted of:  a "Poker for Dummies book; a commemorative Las Vegas magnet which said "Wishing you riches from the new Mr. & Mrs."; a $5 Wynn poker chip; and some chocolate playing cards.  I loved them.


My adorable niece and nephew demanded that they be the first entries in the guest book.

He drew a tiny triangular bride and groom.  They call me "aunt lilly".


How sad is this?  It's the only photo we have of the food station set-up.  We don't even have any photos of the actual food!  Basically, the perimeter of the club was arranged with various stations.  Of course, I didn't eat a single bite of it, but our guests are still talking about how amazing it tasted.  See my vendor information for our detailed menu, which included a "sundae station"!

I didn't have time to write a proper groom's gift card with all the sentimental words I wanted to say, so I simply ripped off a piece of Wynn notepaper and wrote our love code.  He knows exactly what it means.  The other card is from the dogs and accompanied his "pup-links".