Case Study - It coud happen...

Then winter came and the bottom dropped out of my world. . . Last fall my children and I were living in a house with just enough income to pay the rent, utilities and keep gas in our 1983 Volvo to get me back and forth to work. In November and December the temperatures dropped into the 40’s and we found out how little insulation was in the walls of the house we were renting. What had seemed like a great deal in the summer and fall, plenty of room and low rent, became a nightmare with our first cold weather utility bill. Quickly we got further and further behind by more than $1000. By spring we were evicted and I am ashamed to say spent two months living in our car. With school approaching I needed an address to enroll the kids in school. The House of Bread and Peace is where we came to get things back together.*

The above is an illustration of how many women, in the blink of an eye, find themselves homeless, unemployed and in debt. Our residents have many struggles and barriers on their journey back to self-sufficiency. Since obtaining and maintaining permanent housing is the ultimate goal of all our residents, we address the need of overcoming the barriers to independent housing with them all.

* This story is for illustration purposes and does not represent a specific individual or situation.