The women we work with

They come from every walk of life, every financial background, every race and religion.

They share the desire and the hope that they will be independent again.

She gets her GED and starts taking classes at the Technical school.

She learns parenting skills and how to prepare nutritious meals.

She is learning to be independent and responsible for her actions.

We help the young woman who dropped out of high school and had a child, whom a social service has taken away.

We help the mother and child who have been asked to leave a shared residence.

They learn where to get counseling for their emotional needs.

They are able to purchase a car so that mom can keep her job.

They learn to set up a budget and do their own banking.

They learn to trust and love again.

We help the woman who has worked for 30 years and now finds herself homeless with a permanent disability.

She learns to live independently with her new physical restrictions.

She learns what her rights are concerning her disability

and how to access the benefits she has paid for all these years.

She learns to accept her reliance on disability assistance with dignity.