2015 Raffle Winners

This year the House of Bread and Peace sold 808 tickets! Thank you to all who supported us in this fundraising event!

First Prize ($10,000): Eileen McGennis (Mt. Vernon)

Second Prize ($5,000): Toni M. Sticker-Askins (Evansville, IN)

Third Prize ($2,000): Michelle Whiting (Evansville, IN)

Fourth Prize ($1,000): Peggy Becker (Evansville, IN)

Fifth Prize ($500): Dan Niemeier (Evansville, IN)

Sixth Prize ($500): Michael & Mary Jo Townsend (Evansville, IN)

Seventh Prize ($500): Fallon Hamilton (Evansville, IN)

Eighth Prize ($500): Janet Davis (Jasper, IN)

Congrats to the 2015 raffle winners!