2019 Raffle Winners!

$10,000 ticket #282   Mary Stippler, Evansville, IN
$5,000 ticket #556     Pat Koch, Santa Claus, IN
$2,000 ticket #344     Elizabeth Trimborn, Evansville, IN
$1,000 ticket # 525    Tom Baumgart, Evansville, IN
$500 ticket #4            Kevin Becher, Vincennes, IN    
$500 ticket #107        Joe Lamey, Haubstadt, IN
$500 ticket #515        Anthony (Tony) Bushrod, Evansville, IN
$500 ticket #582        Harold Steckler, Evansville, IN 

Thank you to everyone who supported this year's Raffle!  We are grateful for your help in continuing Sister Joanna's mission.

Helping homeless women
and children...

Every night in the Evansville, Indiana area alone more than 400 individuals find themselves without a place to call home.  One third of these are children.  The House of Bread and Peace is a shelter for women and women with children.  Since opening in 1986, it has provided a homelike environment in which hundreds of homeless women and children have been able to heal from the wounds of homelessness.  

The mission of The House of Bread and Peace is to provide for the basic needs of homeless women and children while assisting the women in becoming independent and self sufficient.  We help them build a strong foundation for a more successful life by identifying and addressing their individual needs and goals. 

A family celebrates having keys to a new apartment after their stay at the House of Bread and Peace.