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Hotmail was one of the first webmail services on the Internet : Hotmail was launched on July 4, 1996, and then Hotmail was sold to Microsoft in December 1997 for a reported $400 million. To get started with Hotmail email, you need to create Microsoft Account.

What is Hotmail ?

Hotmail is an online free mail service that was created in 1995 by Sabeer Bathia and Jack Smith. The mailing service was created to make contemplations on setting up the best process of sending and receiving emails all around the world.

This was considered to be an amazing idea of making the paperless communication to be brought into the world and within just a couple of years Hotmail got the attention of Microsoft and this then became the brand of these tech giants. Within just the other four years Hotmail had a reach of 100 million users all around the world which explains that it brought a revolutionary change in the world of communication. Currently, it has a reach of approx.

400 million people and this is not just because it is one of the oldest mailing services in the world but Hotmail Login has got the tremendous attention of users because of its exceptional offering in the industry of communication.

Are you thinking about the features that it offers? Well, here is a list to give you the thought of why Hotmail Login is one of the fittest options to select.

Hotmail Login / Hotmail Sign in

Are you new to Hotmail? you want Hotmail login You can do it by following some easy steps mention below. It will guide you about Hotmail login and solve your Hotmail sign in issues, but if you are facing any other issue contact or support team we guide you to solve your login issues and make your login process simple and easy which is provided by Microsoft.

Outlook / Hotmail Login Via Windows or Mac Web Browser

Step 1: Navigate to Hotmail at or It will redirect you to

Step 2: Hotmail required your email and password to sign in. Firstly, enter your email address in the required field of Email and click the Next button. here, It required a valid password, Provide your password (if you want to keep your Hotmail sign in then check “Keep me signed in” option) and click Sign in button.

Step 3: By clicking the Sign in button outlook your credentials and redirect you to the dashboard of your webmail. Here you can use all features provided by Microsoft after Hotmail sign in.

Outlook / Hotmail Login Via Mobile Devices.

Explore more features by by using the official outlook app.

Step 1: Download the official Outlook App from Google play store or App Store. you can easily find the office app by search term “outlook” on both App and Play stores. Now download and install it in your device.

Step 2: make sure the Hotmail app is properly installed and ready to use. launch outlook app and go to setting. here enter your Hotmail email in the required email field before click on the continue button make sure you enter the correct email with a prefix ( or then tap the Continue button.

Step 3: Now outlook asks for your password. Enter Valid password in required field tap on Next/ Sign in.

Step 4: A message screen will display to take permission to sync your content like calendar contact and more. if you think it is safe to keep your information sync with your Hotmail account you can tap in “Yes” to allow outlook app sync your data and click “NO” to deny permission.

Step 5: After completed the Hotmail login steps mention above. you can use all features provided by Microsoft for outlook app After outlook or Hotmail sign in.


This brief guide is about what is Hotmail and how to outlook / Hotmail login in just a few steps. if you are having issues during the login process you can go to recover your account steps to change your password.