Welcome to the HomeMakers for America! This site was created to provide information for homemakers who want to be more self reliant within their own homes. Thanks to the many homemakers that have willingly shared their ideas and experiences. We will continue to update this site with new information as it comes in.

The following topics are explored:

A. Food Storage - How To Begin This page includes a slide presentation on how to begin a food storage program. It also includes food storage sheets and shelf life information for many common foods.

B. Food Preparation

C. Time Management

D. Alternative Cooking Methods

E. Gardening

F. Household Cleaning

G. Home Preservation of Foods - includes ideas and instructions for freezing, drying, vacuum sealing, pressure canning and water-bath canning.

H. Home Health Care

I. Money Management

Other Food Storage Websites and Blogs

  • LDS Church Food Storage Site - The LDS Church has developed a vast bank of resources that is available to the general public
  • Deals to Meals This site has recipes, tips, pictures, videos of a food storage, t.v. segments, etc.)
  • My Food Storage Favorites: I am the mom of 5 children and I LOVE food storage and being prepared! My specialty is cooking with food storage items, like whole wheat and other grains, and freeze dried and dehydrated products.
  • The Provident Homemaker This site has information on starting your storage, gardening, basic cooking, using well what you already have, solar cooking, building earth ovens, lots more.
  • Everyday Food Storage This site includes several recipes and how-to videos for using a food storage.
  • Our Food Storage This web site is filled with great and practical ideas for beginning a food storage.
  • How to avoid GMO's when shopping for food. GMO's are genetically modified organisms. These food products may lead to health problems.

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